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Kevin Blackton

Game Credits


Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 2 - The Siege of S... (2009)   (Cast)
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 - Lair of the Le... (2009)   (Cast)
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 4 - The Trial and ... (2009)   (Cast)
Batman Begins (2005)   (Secondary Talent)
Psychonauts (2005)   (Hearty Knight)
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves (2005)   (Voice Actors)
Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu's Dororo (2004)   (Kagemitsu Daigo)
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz (2003)   (Dymon)
Whiplash (2003)   (Voice Cast)
Armored Core 3 (2002)   (Voice Talent:)
Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller (2002)   (Zax)
JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future (2002)   (Voice Actor (In America))
The Legend of Alon D'ar (2001)   (Featuring The Voices Of)
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (2001)   (Featuring the voices of)
Evergrace (2000)   (Voice Cast)
Jet Grind Radio (2000)   (Voice Talent)
Soldiers at War (1998)   (Voice Talent)

Developer Biography

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