Nathan Strum

Game Credits


Elevators Amiss (2007)   (Label Design)


AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2007 (2007)   (In-game art by)
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2006 (2006)   (Graphics)
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2005 (2005)   (Graphics)

Creative Services

Bee-Ball (2007)   (Manual layout)
Encaved (2007)   (Label design)
Gingerbread Man (2007)   (Label and manual design by)
Sync (2007)   (Label)
Four-Play (2006)   (Manual design)
Phantom II (2006)   (Manual design by)
Rainbow Invaders (2006)   (Label design by)
Space Battle (2006)   (Label design by)
2005 MiniGame MultiCart (2005)   (Label Design)
Solar Plexus (2005)   (Label design by)
Ultra SCSIcide (2005)   (Label design by)
Warring Worms: The Worm (re)Turns (2005)   (Label design by)
Squish 'em (1983)   (Manual layout by)
Caverns of Mars (1981)   (Manual design by)
Lady Bug (1981)   (Label design)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.