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Vic Merritt

Also Known As

  • Vic Merrit

Game Credits


Animorphs: Shattered Reality (2000)   (Creative Director)
Streak Hoverboard Racing (1998)   (Creative Director)


Nanostray 2 (2008)   (Logo Design)
Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends (2007)   (Logo Design)
Animorphs: Know the Secret (2000)   (Creative Director)
Oddworld Adventures 2 (2000)   (Creative Director)
40 Winks (1999)   (Creative Director)
Blood II: The Chosen - The Nightmare Levels (1999)   (Creative Director)
Snowmobile Championship 2000 (1999)   (Creative Director)
Blood II: The Chosen (1998)   (Creative Director)
Driver (1998)   (Creative Director)
Duke Nukem (1998)   (Creative Director)
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill (1998)   (Creative Director)
Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds (1998)   (Creative Director)
Lode Runner 2 (1998)   (Creative Director)
Powerslide (1998)   (Creative Director)
Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012 (1998)   (Creative Director)


Cooking Mama: Cook Off (2007)   (Logo & Art Design)
Teen Titans (2006)   (Art Director, Creative Services)
Advent Rising (2005)   (Art Director)
Æon Flux (2005)   (Creative Services Art Director)
Infected (2005)   (Art Director)
Raze's Hell (2005)   (Art Director)
Freestyle Street Soccer (2003)   (Graphic Artist )
Duke Nukem: Zer:0 H:0ur (1999)   (Creative Director)
The Wheel of Time (1999)   (Creative Director)
Dark Vengeance (1998)   (Creative Director)


Raze's Hell (2005)   (Web Site Design)

Public Relations

Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes (2000)   (Director of Creative Services)
Imperium Galactica II: Alliances (1999)   (Director of Creative Services)
Space Jam (1996)   (Advertising, Communications, & Creative Services)

Creative Services

Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy (2008)   (Logo and Art Design)
Nancy Drew: The Mystery of the Clue Bender Society (2008)   (Package Design)
Nanostray 2 (2008)   (Manual Design)
Toy Shop (2008)   (Logo and Art Design)
Cake Mania 2: Jill's Next Adventure! (2007)   (lnstruction Manual Design)
Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends (2007)   (Manual Design)
Left Brain, Right Brain (2007)   (Package Design)
The New York Times Crosswords (2007)   (Logo & Package Design)
Operation: Vietnam (2007)   (Logo, Package & Manual Design)
Toon-Doku (2007)   (Package Art and Logo)
Cake Mania (2006)   (Package Design)
Jaws: Unleashed (2006)   (Manual Design)
Teen Titans (2006)   (Art Director, Creative Services)
Bust-a-Move DS (2005)   (Package and Logo Design)
Nanostray (2005)   (Manual Design)
Psychonauts (2005)   (Packaging)
BloodRayne 2 (2004)   (Art Director)
Driver 2 (2000)   (Director of Creative Services)
Indy Racing 2000 (2000)   (Creative Director)
Ka-52 Team Alligator (2000)   (Creative Director)
MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head (1999)   (Creative Director)
Tides of War (1999)   (Creative Director)
NAM (1998)   (Package Design)
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (1998)   (Creative Services Lead)
Unreal (1998)   (Box Design)
Courier Crisis (1997)   (Creative Services)


Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (2006)   (MajescoEntertainment.com)
Jaws: Unleashed (2006)   (Web Site Design)
Bust-a-Move DS (2005)   (www.majescoentertainment.com)
Nanostray (2005)   (www.majescoentertainment.com)
Psychonauts (2005)   (Web Site Design)


Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (1997)   (Special Thanks (GT USA))


All-Star Baseball 2005 (2004)   (NY Headquarters)
Unreal Tournament (1999)   (Creative Director)
Balls of Steel (1997)   (Creative Services)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.