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Dave Exton

Game Credits


BLiP FOOtBaLL (2006)   (Title logo design)

Creative Services

AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2007 (2007)   (Label design by)
Colony 7 (2007)   (Manual by)
AStar (2006)   (Manual design by)
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2006 (2006)   (Label design)
BLiP FOOtBaLL (2006)   (Manual design)
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2005 (2005)   (Label design)
Fall Down (2005)   (Label design)
Poker Squ♠res (2005)   (Manual design by)
Swoops! (2005)   (Label design by)
AtariAge Holiday Greetings 2004 (2004)   (Manual design)
Combat Redux (2004)   (Label design)
INV+ (2004)   (Manual design by)
Seawolf (2004)   (Manual design by)
Alligator People (2003)   (Label design by)
Dark Mage (2003)   (Label Design by)
Star Fire (2003)   (Label Design by)
Euchre (2002)   (Label design)
Qb (Special Edition) (2002)   (Special Edition label by)
Gunfight (2001)   (Label by)
JoustPong (1998)   (Cover art)
This Planet Sucks! (1998)   (Label design (AtariAge release) by)
Crazy Balloon (1980)   (Manual design by)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.