John Marwin

Game Credits


Son of Scoregasm (2017)   (Music by)
Scoregasm (2011)   (Music by)
Bullet Candy Perfect (2009)   (Music)
Irukandji (2009)   (Music by)
Kryzta (2008)   (Music by)
Clean Asia! (2007)   (Music by)
Fractal Fighter (2007)   (Music by)
Protoganda: Strings (2007)   (Music by)
xWUNG (2007)   (Music by)
The Design (2006)   (Music: "IQ Reduction" by)

Developer Biography

John Marwin, a swede, was born in 1979 and has been creating music since 1996 when he started out using a program called Fasttracker 2. In later years as he developed further, he swapped out the now aging FT2 application for another one called Renoise, which enabled him to create a lot more varied soundscapes with it's next generation technology.

John was also the founder of a now defunct group called Para$ite P$ych0 which focused on experimental music. Later he had a brief stint with the underground label called Foxfire, but left later due to lack of activity in the group. He has also recently joined forces with the online label/Tracker group known as Chimera.

The genres that John creates in music are many, had this to state about it:

"John, age 28, hails from Sweden and has a variety of styles up his sleeve, ranging from moody ambient all the way to distorted speedcore and wildly experimental electronica."

His foray into the world of game music is a limited one, choosing to work only with the developer Cactus for the moment, as he sees a kindred soul in him.

John has however been known to contribute songs to projects he finds worthwhile, such as small indie movies and similar things. However, none of these have reached any larger audiences and that goes well in hand with John's goals as he typically shuns publicity.

Last updated: Dec 01, 2007