William Towns

Game Credits


Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011)   (Game Systems Engineer)
Synaesthete (2007)   (Physics)


Synaesthete (2007)   (With Music by)

Developer Biography

William Towns was born and raised in the mid-sized town of Sturbridge, Massachusetts, known mostly for its historical re-creation museum/village. While never expressing a huge desire for academics, William quickly took to the arts of computer science early in middle school. While starting with simple concepts like HTML and JavaScript, he was soon showing off his "coding" abilities to friends and family.

In high school, William began to experiment with languages like BASIC, and developed a passion for creating small games. As high school progressed, his reputation as the class codemonkey grew in parallel to his programming skill, and he began to learn more complex languages such as C++ and Java.

William's continued interest in developing games under whatever platform he was presented with led to a growing curiosity of the video game industry. He contacted Nintendo, and asked how real games were made. Nintendo directed him to research DigiPen Institute of Technology, where every aspect of game production is taught and experienced. After a single visit, he was determined that DigiPen was the college of choice.

William has been attending DigiPen Institute of technology since 2004, and is expected to graduate in 2008. During his time there, he has developed three games: Uprising, Construction Story, and Synaesthete. Uprising is his freshmen year project, and he was required to write the game in pure ANSI C, using nothing but ASCII-based graphics. The game is a turn-based strategy game, and turned out well. Construction Story is a 2D platform game, and working with his team members (Stefan Bikun, Matthew Koch, and Charles Surmonte), he managed to produce a rather solid game for a sophomore project. Since then, he has been working hard on Synaesthete, developing all of the audio features present in the game.

Last updated: Oct 30, 2007