Zach Aikman

Also Known As

  • Zachary Aikman

Game Credits


Synaesthete (2007)   (Producer)


Galak-Z: The Dimensional (2015)   (Design)
Synaesthete (2007)   (Terrain by)


Galak-Z: The Dimensional (2015)   (Technical Director)
Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011)   (Game Systems Engineer)
Synaesthete (2007)   (Game Logic)


Galak-Z: The Dimensional (2015)   (Cutscenes)

Quality Assurance

The Bridge (2013)   (Testing and Feedback)


Secrets of Rætikon (2014)   (Open Alpha Backers)


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (2016)   (And thanks to everyone who supported us along the way!)

Developer Biography

Doctors are still confused as to how little Zachary Aikman emerged from the womb with a second edition copy of Kernighan & Ritchie's The C Programming Language clutched in his tiny hands, especially since it wasn't to be released for another two years. Much to his chagrin, our young protagonist spent most of his childhood growing up in the sticks outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, surrounded by plenty of trees but very few human beings. His initially introverted tendencies encouraged him to spend much of his free time tinkering and fiddling with that incredible contraption known in the Aikman household as the computer.

The first real material he read on computer programming (that copy of K&R got lost, somewhere along the way) introduced him to a language known as BASIC. It wasn't until 1998 that Zach actually managed to sink his teeth into his first programming language: QBASIC. From then on, he was hooked. His first successful project was an interactive periodic table of elements, written to fulfill a high school chemistry class assignment. It was during this time that he encountered his first 'out of stack space' crash. Having graduated long ago from those types of errors, he now prefers to corrupt the heap (Please note: in all seriousness, he enjoys doing neither and avoids stack/heap corruption like the plague).

During his high school years, he spent two semesters at a local technical college learning more about programming languages, including QBASIC, Visual Basic, COBOL and his first real glimpse at C/C++. It was during this time that his love for computer programming matured and began to manifest itself as an obsession, rather than just a passing interest. A couple of years later, he graduated from high school at the oh-so-naive age of sixteen. Deemed too young to attend college by his maternal figure, Zachary took a year off from school and worked full time at a Panera Bread Co. (formerly St. Louis Bread Co.) bakery/cafe, where he refined his ancillary and social skills while becoming the store's unofficial (and often unpaid) computer technician.

Zach had decided - even before graduating from high school - that he would be attending DigiPen Institute of Technology, no matter the cost. Editor's note: It's worth pointing out that the game chiefly responsible for igniting that desire was none other than the epic 3D platformer, Banjo-Kazooie. In the fall of 2004 he enrolled full time to pursue his Bachelors of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation. During his first two years at DigiPen, he worked with his teammates to create OGIC, a text-based adventure game, and Psychosteamion, an homage to the golden era of 2D gaming. At the beginning of his Junior year of study, he teamed up with three other talented and passionate individuals to begin working on a rhythm game the likes of which had never been seen.

Last updated: Oct 30, 2007