Nicolas Bonvalet

Game Credits


Endless Legend (Classic Edition) (2014)   (CEO)
Endless Space (2012)   (CEO)
Driver: Renegade (2011)   (Studio Director)
DQ Tycoon (2008)   (Managing Director)
Act of War: High Treason (2006)   (Management)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (2006)   (Management)
Act of War: Direct Action (2005)   (Management)
Crystal Key II: The Far Realm (2004)   (Production Management)
The Egyptian Prophecy (2004)   (Production Management)
Jerusalem: The Three Roads to the Holy Land (2002)   (Collection Directors)
The Mystery of the Nautilus (2002)   (Publisher)
From Dusk Till Dawn (2001)   (Publisher)


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands (2017)   (Production Director)
Mozart: The Conspirators of Prague (2009)   (Executive Producer)
Still Life 2 (2009)   (Executive Producer)
PhysX Extreme Unreal Tournament 3 Mod-Pack (2007)   (Executive Production)
The Fast and the Furious (2006)   (Managing Director)
Versailles II: Testament of the King (2001)   (Managing Director)
Versailles 1685 (1997)   (Crew Leader)


Arthur's Knights II: The Secret of Merlin (2001)   (Original Idea by)
Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry (2000)   (Original Idea by)
The Sacred Amulet (1999)   (Artistic Directors)


Tiny Token Empires (2011)   (Graphic Guys)
C.O.P.: The Recruit (2009)   (Producer)
Beyond Atlantis (1999)   (Second Team Managed by)
China: The Forbidden City (1998)   (Graphics Manager and Graphics Director)
Atlantis: Das sagenhafte Abenteuer (Deluxe-Edition) (1997)   (Artists)
Atlantis: The Lost Tales (1997)   (Graphics / Artwork)
Egypt 1156 B.C.: Tomb of the Pharaoh (1997)   (Cryo Graphic Department Head, Artistic Management)
Versailles 1685 (1997)   (Chef d’équipe (Team Lead))
Dragon Lore II: The Heart of the Dragon Man (1996)   (3D Forest Team Manager)
Hardline (1996)   (Special Effects Supervisor)


Les Visiteurs: Le Jeu (1998)   (Cutscenes Lead)
The Raven Project (1995)   (Post Production Video)


Hardline (1996)   (Special Effects Supervisor)

Public Relations

Universal Monsters: Monsterville (2002)   (Publisher)


Frank Herbert's Dune (2001)   (Publisher)


Dark Messiah: Might and Magic (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Hegemonia: Legions of Iron (2002)   (Special Thanks to)
Salammbo: Battle for Carthage (2002)   (Acknowledgements)
FOG ...Seek the hidden truth (2001)   (Thanks (Remerciements))


Might & Magic: Heroes VII (2015)   (Game Consulting)
Gore: Ultimate Soldier (2002)   (Collection Director)
The Shadow of Zorro (2001)   (Publisher)
Beyond Atlantis (1999)   (Team 2 Directed by)

Developer Biography

Co-founder and Managing Director of Game Consulting SARL, Nicolas Bonvalet has over 15 years of experience in the videogame industry.

He worked at French developer, Cryo-Interactive, from 1994-2002 as the FMV and Pre-rendered Graphics Department Manager.

However, Nicolas has worn many hats during his career including game designer (he was the main designer on Dune Generation and the Arthur's Knights series), video editor, animator, and 2D/3D artist.

Last updated: Oct 23, 2007