Stephen Crane

Also Known As

  • Steve Crane

Game Credits


Freaky Flyers (2003)   (Executive VP Product Development)
Spider-Man (2000)   (Senior Vice President Studios)
Space Invaders (1999)   (Senior Vice President, Studios)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1999)   (Senior VP Studios)
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense (1999)   (Sr. V.P., Studios)
A Collection of Activision Classic Games for the A... (1998)   (VP of Console Group)
Asteroids (1998)   (VP Console Division)


Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe Edition (2006)   (Executive VP of PD)
NARC (2005)   (Exec VP, Product Development - San Diego)
The Suffering (2004)   (Executive Producer)
Freaky Flyers (2003)   (Exec. VP of Prod. Development)
Tech Deck Skateboarding (2001)   (Senior VP Studios)
Road Champs: BXS Stunt Biking (2000)   (Senior Vice President Studios)
Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (2000)   (Senior VP Studios)
Space Invaders (1999)   (Senior Vice President, Studios)
Apocalypse (1998)   (V.P. of Console)
Asteroids (1998)   (VP Console Division)


BlackSite: Area 51 (2007)   (Chief Creative Officer)
John Woo presents Stranglehold (2007)   (EVP and Chief Creative Officer)


Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (2005)   (English Literature)

Creative Services

BlackSite: Area 51 (2007)   (Chief Creative Officer)
Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue (2000)   (Senior VP Studios)
Disney's The Lion King: Simba's Mighty A... (2000)   (Senior VP Studios)
Disney's The Lion King: Simba's Mighty A... (2001)   (Senior VP Studios)
Spider-Man (2000)   (Sr. Vice President)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000)   (Senior VP Studios)
X-Men: Mutant Academy (2000)   (Sr. VP Studios)
Disney's Tarzan (1999)   (V.P. of Console Division)
Space Invaders (1999)   (Vice President Console)
Asteroids (1998)   (SVP Activision Studios)


Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (2005)   (Midway Support)


A Vampyre Story (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am (2007)   (Special Thanks)
Empire Earth III (2007)   (Special thanks to)
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imaginat... (2007)   (Special Thanks)
NBA Ballers: Phenom (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Star Trek: Legacy (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Area-51 (2005)   (Special Thanks)
Empire Earth II (2005)   (Mad Doc would like to especially thank...)
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005)   (Additional Thanks)
Justice League: Chronicles (2003)   (Special Thanks)
RoadKill (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Shadow Hearts: Covenant (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Super Duper Sumos (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2001)   (VV Special Thanks)
The Sims (2000)   (Maxis Special Thanks)
Apocalypse (1998)   (Special Thanks)
Dark Reign: The Future of War (1997)   (Special Thanks To)
Blast Chamber (1996)   (Special Thanks to)
MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries (1996)   (Special Thanks To)
Rebel Moon (1995)   (Special thanks to)
John Madden Football (1994)   (Special Thanks)
Star Wars: X-Wing (1993)   (Special Thanks To)


L. A. Rush (2005)   (EVP)
Midway Arcade Treasures 3 (2005)   (Executive VP of PD)
Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (2004)   (San Diego Studios Executive VP)
Star Trek: Armada II (2001)  
Call to Power II (2000)   (VP, North American Studios)
Star Wars: Demolition (2000)   (Senior VP / GM of North America Studios)
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style (1999)   (Senior VP Studio)
Vigilante 8 (1998)   (V.P Console Division)
Interstate '76 (1997)   (VP of Technology)

Developer Biography

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