Carl Chavez

Game Credits


Hidden Expedition: Amazon (2008)   (Developers)
Hidden Expedition: Everest (2007)   (Developer)


My Tribe (2010)   (Programming)
Diana Fortune in the Lost Temple of Gold (2009)   (Programmers)
Plunder! (2007)   (Programmer)


NBA Jam Tournament Edition (1994)   (Thank You)

Developer Biography

Carl Chavez started out in the gaming industry by writing game reviews and game guides on Usenet. That experience led to writing for online publications such as Amiga Report and magazines such as Electronic Gaming Monthly and Amiga Game Zone in the early nineties. His interest in online content creation and the release of the Mosaic browser led to his involvement with HTML and Web development, which led to his creation of one of the earliest video game fan sites,, in 1993. was a site dedicated to information about Taito's Bubble Bobble series and related games. (Though there is no proof, some fans think the title of Taito's Pop'n'Pop, as well as its roster of characters, was influenced by the popularity of's success allowed him to gain employment with the multimedia design company Saltmine Creative, where he became involved with the development of online marketing materials for Nintendo and Wizards of the Coast. He eventually helped develop the UI and database for the Magic: The Gathering Interactive Encyclopedia in 1999. He then worked with Martini Design to build the official Web sites for Nintendo's Pokémon, Pokémon Trading Card Game, Kirby, Super Smash Brothers, Pikmin, and Hamtaro franchises from 1999 to 2004. Due to his deep interest in the actual Pokémon Trading Card Game itself, he also wrote a number of articles for the game's official Web site between 2002 and 2007.

Starting in 2004 first as a contractor, then as one of the first in-house game programmers with Big Fish Games, he helped develop a wide variety of games, advergames, prototypes, and ports.

As of October 2012, Carl Chavez has left Big Fish Games and is again a freelance contractor.

Last updated: Mar 27, 2013