Edward Clombe

Game Credits


Derelict (2008)   (Additional Music)

Developer Biography

Born in February 1983, Edward (aka Eddie or Ed) got interested in music as soon as the kid he was back in the 80's (which had and still has some "good and evil" influence upon his creations).

His various bands/projects attest his love of almost any kind of music, as well as his potential to create any piece of music in any genre, no boundaries exist.

In 2010 has begun the creation (still under heavy WIP ) of his own recording studio in France, in a nice place on the countryside, perfect to be far from the stress of big cities.

Through his work, he tries to sever from the common and mainstream well established ideas of what music should be for any genre (be it a film, a game or simply music).

Last updated: Jan 23, 2010