Akihito Shoji

Game Credits


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (2004)   (General Manager)
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (2004)   (General Manager)
Final Fantasy X (2001)   (General Manager)


Sword of Mana (2003)   (General Manager)

Quality Assurance

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (2003)   (General Manager)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (2003)   (QA General Manager)
Final Fantasy X-2 (2003)   (General Manager)
Front Mission 4 (2003)   (General Manager)
Final Fantasy: Anthology - European Edition (2002)   (QA Producer)
The Final Fantasy Legend (2002)   (Quality Assurance)
Final Fantasy Origins (2002)   (Manager)
Kingdom Hearts (2002)   (Quality Assurance Producer)
Driving Emotion Type-S (2000)   (Quality Assurance)
Final Fantasy VIII (2000)   (Quality Assurance (Square Co., Ltd.))
Final Fantasy III (1999)   (QA Producer)
Parasite Eve II (1999)   (Quality Assurance)
Final Fantasy V (1998)   (QA Producer)
Final Fantasy II (1997)   (QA Producer)


Samurai Legend Musashi (2005)   (General Manager)
Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel (2003)   (General Manager)


Dragon Quest V: Tenkū no Hanayome (2004)   (General Manager)


Space Invaders Infinity Gene (2010)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.