John Jones-Steele

Also Known As

  • John Jones Steele
  • J. Jones-Steele

Game Credits


REALPLAY Golf (2007)   (Management)
Ball Breakers (2000)   (Management)


Dance Factory (2006)   (Managing Directors)


Spirit of Speed 1937 (1999)   (Design)
Subbuteo (1990)   (Directors)
Mordon's Quest (1985)   ((c))


Dance:UK XL Lite (2005)   (Lead Programmer)
Dance:UK (2003)   (Programming)
Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (2002)   (Lead Programmers)
Ball Breakers (2000)   (PC Programming)
Spirit of Speed 1937 (1999)   (Programming Direction)
Driver (1998)   (Programmers)
Championship Manager 2 (1995)   (Additional Programming)
Alfred Chicken (1993)   (CD32 / A1200 versions adapted by)
Intelligent Strategy Games 10 (1993)   (GUI)
Championship Manager (1992)   (Programming)
D/Generation (1991)   (Programming)
'Nam 1965-1975 (1991)   (Coder)
Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe (1990)   (Additional Code)
Subbuteo (1990)   (16-bit Program by)
Ultima VI: The False Prophet (1990)   (Conversion by)
World Championship Boxing Manager (1990)   (Archimedes Conversion 1991)
Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (1988)   (Amiga coding)
Ingrid's Back! (1988)   (Systems)
Lancelot (1988)   (Systems)
Time and Magik: The Trilogy (1988)   (Program)
Gnome Ranger (1987)   (Versions)
Knight Orc (1987)   (Adventure System)
Tetris (1987)   (Amiga version programmed by)
Alien Syndrome (1986)   (Coding)
BMX Simulator (1986)   (Coding)
Mordon's Quest (1985)   ((c))
Adventure 1 (1982)   (By)
Mazeman (1982)   (By)


D/Generation (1991)   (Additional Graphics)


Impossible Mission (2007)   (Broadsword Interactive)

Developer Biography

John Jones-Steele spent 12 years working in the Computer Unit at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth and obtained a B.A. during that time. For the last 5 of those years, he was also running Abersoft part-time writing various programs for the Spectrum, C64 etc. In 1985 he left to write software full-time.

Below is a list of games he was responsible for before joining Broadsword Interactive:

Last updated: Feb 22, 2011