Nemer Velasquez

Game Credits

Quality Assurance

Formula One World Championship: Beyond the Limit (1994)   (Product Specialist)


Crash Bandicoot: Warped (1998)   (Marketing Product Specialist)
Jersey Devil (1997)   (Marketing Coordinator)
Crash Bandicoot (1996)   (Marketing Specialist)
Epidemic (1995)   (Marketing Product Specialist)
Fahrenheit (1995)   (Product Specialist)
Jumping Flash! (1995)   (Marketing Specialist)
Kileak: The DNA Imperative (1995)   (Marketing Specialist)
Project: Horned Owl (1995)   (Product Specialist)
Clockwork Knight (1994)   (Product Specialist)
Midnight Raiders (1994)   (Product Specialist)
Racing Aces (1993)   (Product Specialist)
Flashback: The Quest for Identity (1992)   (Product Specialist)

Public Relations

Ape Escape (1999)   (Product Marketing Specialist)
CTR: Crash Team Racing (1999)   (Product Marketing Specialists)
Gran Turismo 2 (1999)   (Special Thanks to the SCEA Marketing Team)
Blasto (1998)   (Product Marketing Coordinator)
Spyro the Dragon (1998)   (Product Marjeting (SCEA))
Bloody Roar (1997)   (Marketing Coordinator)
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (1997)   (Marketing Specialist)
Grandia (1997)   (Marketing Specialist)
Motor Toon Grand Prix (1996)   (Marketing Specialist)
Tobal No.1 (1996)   (Marketing Specialist)
Beyond the Beyond (1995)   (Marketing Specialist)
The Raiden Project (1995)   (Marketing Specialist)
Star Wars Arcade (1994)   (Marketing)
Tomcat Alley (1994)   (Marketing Game Specialist)
DOOM (1993)   (Product Specialist)

Creative Services

Bug! (1995)   (Product Specialist)
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (1994)   (Screen Shots)


Hot Shots Golf 2 (1999)   (Special Thanks To the SCEA Marketing Team)
Tiny Tank (1999)   (Special Thanks)
Bust A Groove (1998)   (Special Thanks)
MediEvil (1998)   (Special Thanks)
NFL Xtreme (1998)   (Special Thanks)
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (1998)   (Special Thanks To)
Star Ocean: The Second Story (1998)   (Special Thanks)
Bushido Blade (1997)   (Special Thanks)
CART World Series (1997)   (Special Thanks)
Intelligent Qube (1997)   (Special Thanks)
NFL GameDay 98 (1997)   (Special Thanks)
NHL FaceOff '98 (1997)   (SCEA)
Rally Cross (1997)   (Special Thanks To)
Steel Reign (1997)   (Special Thanks)
NFL GameDay '97 (1996)   (Special Thanks)
NHL FaceOff (1996)   (Special Thanks to)
NHL FaceOff '97 (1996)   (Special Thanks To)
PaRappa the Rapper (1996)   (Special Thanks)
Tail of the Sun (1996)   (Special Thanks)
Wild Arms (1996)   (Special Thanks To)
The Adventures of Batman & Robin (1995)   (Special Thanks to)
Aquanaut's Holiday (1995)   (Special Thanks)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1995)   (Special Thanks)
Daytona USA (1994)   (Special Thanks)
Ecco: The Tides of Time (1994)   (Special Thanks:)
Dark Wizard (1993)   (Special Thanks)
Dracula Unleashed (1993)   (Special Thanks)


Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (1999)   (Product Marketing Specialists)
Worldwide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal ... (1995)  

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.