Philip Goldfinch

Also Known As

  • Phil Goldfinch

Game Credits


Las Vegas Tycoon (2003)   (Production)
Big Mutha Truckers (2002)   (Production Studio)


Ghost Master (2003)   (Studio)
Flying Corps Gold (1997)   (E.I. Team)


Antz Extreme Racing (2002)   (Design)
Bubble Bobble Old & New (2002)   (Design)
Xtreme Sports (2001)   (Design)
Pipe Dreams 3D (2000)   (Design/Artwork/Web)
Norm Koger's The Operational Art of War Vol 1... (1998)   (Design Studio)


Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory (2006)   (Art Director)
Antz Extreme Racing (2002)   (Artwork)
Sheep (2002)   (Artwork & Design)
The House of the Dead 2 (2001)   (Design and Artwork)
Xtreme Sports (2001)   (Artwork)
Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche versus Ka-52 Hokum (2000)   (Artwork & Design)
Rowan's Battle of Britain (2000)   (Art Director)
The Typing of the Dead (2000)   (Art)
Ford Racing (1999)   (Artwork & Design)
The Longest Journey (1999)   (Artwork and Design)
Mig Alley (1999)   (Art Director)
Enemy Engaged: Apache/Havoc (1998)   (Art Department)
Pro Pinball: Big Race USA (1998)   (Artwork and Design (Empire))

Quality Assurance

Warrior Kings: Battles (Collector's Edition) (2003)   (Studio )

Creative Services

International Cricket Captain 2002 (2006)   (Packaging Design)
Crazy Taxi (2002)   (Packaging Artwork & Design)
eJay ClubWorld (2002)   (Packaging artwork and design)
Virtua Tennis (2002)   (Packaging Design)
Sheep (2000)   (Artwork and Design)
Director of Football (1999)   (Packaging, Layout, etc.)
Sega Rally 2 Championship (1999)   (Artwork & Design)
101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy (1998)   (Packaging Design and Production)
The Golf Pro 2 (1998)   (Box Design)
Pro Pinball: Big Race USA (1998)   (Artwork and Design)
Tribal Rage (1998)   (Cover Design & Packaging (Empire Interactive))
War Along the Mohawk (1998)   (Package Design)
Combat Chess (1997)   (Artwork and Packaging Design)
East Front (1997)   (Package Design)


Starsky & Hutch (2003)   (Studio)
Warrior Kings: Battles (2003)   (Studio )
Big Mutha Truckers (2002)   (Studio)
Total Immersion Racing (2002)   (Studio)
Hundred Swords (2001)   (Studio)
Sega GT (2000)   (Studio)
Flying Corps Gold (1997)   (E.I. Team)


Starsky & Hutch (2003)   (Studio)

Developer Biography

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