Mike Nielsen

Game Credits


Family Game Night 4: The Game Show (2011)   (Designer)
The Amazing Brain Train! (2010)   (NinjaBee Design)
A World of Keflings (2010)   (Game Design)
SAGA (2008)   (Design)


A World of Keflings (2010)   (Story)


Ancients of Ooga (2010)   (Music)
A World of Keflings (2010)   (Music and Sound)
Band of Bugs (2007)   (Music)


A World of Keflings (2010)   (Downloadable Content)

Developer Biography

Mike Nielsen is a game designer that has been in the industry since February 2006. Since that time, he has worked at Wahoo / NinjaBee on a variety of projects, some of which are listed on this page. For more than half that time, he has worked as a lead designer on small projects (6-12 member teams), which has given him the opportunity to wear a lot of hats and learn a lot of design skills. In addition to experience in design, Mike has written and recorded 20+ songs that have been (or will be soon) published in video games. He has been building up his home music studio for some time now and does game music on a contract basis.

Mike also works as an adjunct instructor of game design at ITT Technical Institute in Salt Lake City, UT.

Last updated: Nov 01, 2008