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Philippe Thibaut

Game Credits


AGEOD's American Civil War (2007)   (Administration)


Birth of America (2006)   (Chief Executive Producer)
Great Invasions: The Darkages 350-1066 AD (2006)   (Executive Producer)
Pax Romana (2003)   (Product Manager)


Pride of Nations (2011)   (Historical Research)
Rise of Prussia (2010)   (Historical Research)
Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815 (2008)   (Historical Research)
AGEOD's American Civil War (2007)   (Lead Design)
Birth of America (2006)   (Game Design)
Great Invasions: The Darkages 350-1066 AD (2006)   (SCENARIO DESIGN)
Pax Romana (2003)   (The Original Pax Romana game design was made by)
Europa Universalis (2000)   (Scenario Design)


Styx: Master of Shadows (2014)   (PlayStation 4 Programmers)
Le Tour de France 2012 (2012)   (Lead Programmer)
Pride of Nations (2011)   (Development)
Rise of Prussia (2010)   (Development)
Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 (1999)   (Programmers)


Pax Romana (2003)   (Scenario Design)

Quality Assurance

Pax Romana (2003)   (BetaTest Lead)


Pride of Nations (2011)   (Localisation)

Public Relations

Pride of Nations (2011)   (Corporate Communications)

Creative Services

Great Invasions: The Darkages 350-1066 AD (2006)   (MANUAL)


Pride of Nations (2011)   (Administration)
Revolution Under Siege (2010)   (Administration)
Rise of Prussia (2010)   (Administration)


Revolution Under Siege (2010)   (Assistance & Advising)


Jack the Ripper (2004)   (With additional help from)

Developer Biography

Philippe Thibaut is a veteran game designer of historical strategy games, his most well known games being Europa Universalis, Pax Romana and Great Invasions.

In 2005, Philippe joined with Francois Claustres (although other sources also mention Philippe Malacher), as co-founders of AGEOD Sarl, an independent development and publishing company in France.

Last updated: Apr 12, 2012