Paul Winner

Game Credits


NetHack (1987)   (Worst of the depraved individuals out there in netland who sent in particularly intriguing modifications to help out with the game)


NetHack (1987)   (NetHack 3.2 development team)

Quality Assurance

Burnout: Championship Drag Racing (1998)   (Playtesters)
XCar: Experimental Racing (1997)   (Playtesting)
SkyNET (1996)   (Testing)
Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905 (1996)   (Playtesting (Beta-Testers))
Great Naval Battles Vol. IV: Burning Steel, 1939-1942 (1995)   (Playtesting (External Testers))
PBA Bowling (1995)   (Beta Testers)
The Terminator: Future Shock (1995)   (Testing)


NetHack (1987)   (NetHack 3.4 encouragement from)

Developer Biography

Mr. Winner's involvement with commercial games began when he was selected to be a non-paid beta-tester for Bethesda Softworks. He was an acknowledged tester for a number of games that were commercially released (see Games Credited below), as well as games that were never released (such as Jack the Ripper by Intergalactic, Dev., Inc). Once the games were released he was part of the support teams on the CompuServe game forums.

In 1987 he was accepted as a member of NetHack's MS-DOS Port Team. Later he became the head of the MS-DOS Port Team. Following that he became, and remains, a member of NetHack's Development Team, the "Devteam".

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