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K. J. Holm

Game Credits


Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (2001)   (Game Design)
Gauntlet: Legends (1999)   (Game Design)
Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus (1994)   (Design)
Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers (1993)   (Design Team)


Gauntlet: Legends (1999)   (Level Population)
Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus (1994)   (Programming)


Packy & Marlon (1995)   (Developed by WAVEQUEST)

Developer Biography

Stacked w/Daniel Negreanu PS2, PSP, Xbox, PC (Designer)

Jeopardy Jakks Plug-n-play (Lead Programmer/ designer)

Disney Princess Jakks Plug-n-play (Programmer/ designer)

Gauntlet Legends N64, Dreamcast (designer)

Gauntlet Dark Legacy PS2, XBox, GameCube, Coin-op (designer)

Galactic Patrol PC, Mac (Designer)

Kaged: The magic Orbs PC, MAC (Designer, Programming)

Alien Race PC- Heat network (Designer)

Bronkie Snes, PC (Designer, Programming)

Packy & Marlon Snes, PC (Designer, Programming)

Ballz Snes (QA)

Sylvester & Tweetys cagey capers Genesis (Designer)

Last updated: Aug 18, 2006