Richard Darling

Game Credits


Micro Machines (1995)   (Codemasters)


Cannon Fodder (2000)   (Production)
Micro Machines: Military (1996)   (Project Management By)
Micro Machines: Turbo Tournament 96 (1995)   (Project Management by)
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament (1994)   (Project Management)
International Rugby Simulator (1988)   (Project Director)
Rock Star Ate My Hamster (1988)   (Directed by)


Micro Machines V4 (2006)   (Creative Director)
TOCA Championship Racing (1997)   (Prototyping)
Super Skidmarks (1995)   (Development Director)
4 Soccer Simulators (1988)   (Game Design)
Rock Star Ate My Hamster (1988)   (Directed by)
BMX Simulator (1986)   (By)
Chiller (1985)   (Design)
Master of Magic (1985)   (Original game by)


BMX Simulator (1986)   (By)
Spellbound (1986)   (By)
Terra Cognita (1986)   (By)
BMX Racers (1985)   (Programmed by)
BMX Trials (1985)   (coder)
Master of Magic (1985)   (Programmed by)
Dark Star (1984)   (Programmed by)
Magic Carpet (1984)   (Programmed by)
Mind Control (1984)   (Programmed by)
Pigs in Space (1984)   (Programmed by)
Space Walk (1984)   (Programmed by)


BMX Trials (1985)   (composer)


TOCA: World Touring Cars (2003)   (For Codemasters)
Colin McRae Rally (1998)   (In alphabetical order)
TOCA 2: Touring Car Challenge (1998)   (Prototyping)

Developer Biography

Richard Darling and his brother David set up their first games company in 1982, Galactic Software.

In 1984 they received the Programmers of the Year Award from Commodore. In 1986 they started Codemasters with their father Jim.

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