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Tropico 2: Pirate Cove (2003)   (Music)
Tropico: Mucho Macho Edition (2002)   (Lead Musician)
Tropico (2001)   (Lead Musician)

Developer Biography

Daniel Indart was exposed to Latin music from the womb, when his Flamenco dancer/choreographer mother danced throughout and up to her seventh month of pregnancy. Born during one of his mother's tours through South America, Daniel was raised inside theaters and television stations, in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Spain. From his very formative years, Daniel exhibited the musical ability that later on would help him earn a BS, Magna Cum Laude in film scoring from Boston's world renowned Berklee College of Music.

In 1977 RCA international signed the young promising artist to its stable. Two songs from his first album with his group "O Universal" became number one hits on the South American charts: "Sing With Me" and "Melodia". Daniel's songs have been published as well by Spain's major publishing companies: Canciones del Mundo and Ego Musical, also by Venezuela's Unimusica. His international effort has been recognized as a finalist in the American Song Festival USA; Oti, Caracas; Festival Internacional de Mayorca, Spain; first prize winner in the Decimo Festival de la Cancion Moderna, Caracas; first and third prize winner in the festival Musica Fonus XXI, Caracas.

As a songwriter, Daniel Indart claims authorship to over 300 songs and commercial music, both for radio, as well as television. And as a singer, Daniel has recorded the lead voice in commercial spots for Carl's jr., McDonald's, Miller Lite, and countless more, as well as background vocals for Placido Domingo, Ana Gabriel, Gloria Trevy, Pimpinella, Xuxa, "We Are The World" by Quincy Jones, Humberto Gatica, and many others.

During the past fifteen years, Indart, as president of Indart music and sound productions, has distinguished himself in the field of commercial advertising music, by producing award winning pieces in his own studios for Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Coors Brewing Company, Procter & Gamble, Disney, Bank of America, McDonald's, Toyota, and many others. Awards received are: Belding awards, Sony achievement awards, Se Habla Español communications awards, and Telly awards.

In 1997, Indart created Latin Music Specialists, Inc. And LMS records, along with Indart music publishing (ASCAP) and Grinner Music Publishing (BMI), to produce and compose songs and music for feature films, television, and records requiring Latin music. The LMS division has been received with great success since its inception, with its music appearing in motion pictures such as "Folks" (PentAmerica pictures), "Trust Me", "Dance With Me" (Sony Pictures), "Three to Tango" (Warner Bros.), "Mambo Cafe" (Kursher-Locke), "The Bachelor" (New Line Cinema), Showtime's "God's favorite, Noriega", "Way of the Gun" (Artisan Ent. Group), as well as television series such as "A&E Biography", "Jack and Jill" (Warner Bros. Television Network), and "Resurrection Boulevard" (HBO). LMS music will also be appearing in the soon to be released feature film "Inconvenienced" (Trimark pictures). Daniel has recently composed the main theme for Telemundo's (USA Hispanic national network) new daily morning show "Esta Mañana", which began airing September 25th, 2000. In short, Daniel's vision has made him a leading force in the task of exposing Latin music talent and its culture worldwide. He is a producer, songwriter, performer that is also single handedly bringing other performers and musicians to the light in order to fulfill this vision.

Source: Selected articles from LMS Records Official Company Website - Tropico Page


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