Ray Saltrelli

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Gemini Rue (2011)   (Starring)

Developer Biography

Ray Saltrelli was born and raised in Rochester, NY. In high school, he was the nerdy athlete. In addition to excelling in the classroom, his extracurricular activities consisted of football, wrestling, track and field, stage crew for the school theater group, Magic: The Gathering and video games. He attended Rochester Institute of Technology where he majored in Software Engineering and minored in Philosophy. After college he married and started his career as a software developer.

Life as a cubicle jockey, while stable, was rather dull. But over the next few years, his wife, Crystal, pointed out a marketable talent that he had always had but never really thought much of: a knack for character voices and impressions. He exercised this skill regularly to amuse his friends but had never considered making a living out of it! So he got a voice coach and set out to find fun and adventure as a voice actor.

As a voice actor, Ray’s career is ramping up. He has performed in several animated web series featured on YouTube and Machinima.com; audio dramas such as Resident Evil: Forsaken and Harry Strange Radio Drama; and video games like the Independent Games Festival Student Showcase winner, Gemini Rue.

In his downtime, Ray’s hobbies include playing video games, reading both graphic and traditional novels, recreational marksmanship and personal gadgetry.

Last updated: Mar 09, 2011