Alessandro Ponti

Game Credits


Order of Battle: World War II (2016)   (Music)
Order of Battle: Pacific (2015)   (Music )
Battle Academy 2: Eastern Front (2014)   (Music Composer)
Panzer Corps: Allied Corps (2013)   (Music Composer)
Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog (2012)   (Music)
Commander: The Great War (2012)   (Music)
Panzer Corps: Afrika Korps (2012)   (Music Composer)
Panzer Corps: Wehrmacht (2011)   (Music)
BBC Battlefield Academy (2010)   (Composer)

Developer Biography

An introvert explorer, in love with every expression of music, Alessandro has carefully studied styles, periods and techniques, becoming an eclectic composer.

Growing up with the music of Weather Report, Debussy, rock, blues and jazz music, he kept a Hammond organ in his cellar waiting for the right time to face it. Meanwhile, taking a degree in Piano.

His nature has developed constantly nally along two paths: the classical one, which led him to a second degree (in Harpsichord), and the jazz one on the Hammond organ, an always pulsating yet reserved vein.

He started composing for picture in 2007, writing the music for the documentary film Martha: memorie di una strage and working for different media until the first videogame project in 2009, the score for Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans.

In 2010, after scoring two short films in the previous years, Alessandro got his first feature film commission, working for a San Francisco-based production directed by filmmaker Josh Gillick (Sedona’s Rule).

While keeping up the videogame work (Battle Academy, Panzer Corps) at the end of last year he landed his second feature film job, scoring the thriller House of Last Things from his portable studio moved out to L.A. for the occasion (the film is due out in 2012).

Last updated: Apr 05, 2012