Alex Ford

Game Credits


British Airports: South-East England (2003)   (Project Management)
The Dam Busters (2002)   (Product management)


British Airports: Northern England (Part 1) (2005)   (Project Management)
FScene Volume 1: Europe & Africa (2005)   (Production Management)
FScene Volume 2: North & South America (2005)   (Production Management)
Battle of Britain (2003)   (Project Management)
British Airports: Central England (2003)   (Project Management)
Dash 8-300 Professional (2003)   (Project Management)
RAF Tornado (2003)   (Project Management)
Euro Loco (2002)   (Project Management)
Vietnam Air War (2002)   (Project Management)
Real Airports (2001)   (Project Management)
Concorde SST (1998)   (Production Manager)


2005 Traffic (2005)   (Project Concept)
Flying Club (2005)   (Product Research)
Battle of Britain: Memorial Flight (2001)   (Original Research and Project Research)


The Dam Busters (2002)   (Original manual)
Euro Loco (2002)   (Manual)
Mosquito Squadron (2002)   (Manual)


2005 Traffic (2005)   (Liveries)


2005 Traffic (2005)   (ATC Voices)
Real Airports (2001)   (Adventure Voices Supplied by)

Quality Assurance

Ultimate Traffic (2003)   (Beta Testers)
The Dam Busters (2002)   (Final software compilation & testing)


Flying Club (2005)   (Product manager)
Battle over Europe (2004)   (Product Management)
Captain Speaking 2002 (2002)   (Product Management)
VFR Photographic Scenery: Central & Southern ... (2002)   (Product management)
VFR Photographic Scenery: East & South-East ... (2002)   (Product management )
VFR Photographic Scenery: Northern England (2002)   (Product management )
Battle of Britain: Memorial Flight (2001)   (Product Management)
"Captain Speaking" (2001)   (Product Management)
Harrier Jump Jet (2001)   (Product Management)

Creative Services

Flying Club (2005)   (Manual creation)
Battle of Britain (2003)   (Printed Manual Creation and Editing)
Dash 8-300 Professional (2003)   (Manual Editing)
RAF Tornado (2003)   (Manual Editing)
Ultimate Traffic (2003)   (Manual Editing)
Captain Speaking 2002 (2002)   (Manual)
GB Airports (2002)   (Manual)
Vietnam Air War (2002)   (Manual)
"Captain Speaking" (2001)   (Manual)
Real Airports (2001)   (Manual)


Train Sim Activity Pack (2001)   (Technical (Just Trains) )


The Dam Busters (2002)   (Team management)
GB Airports (2002)   (Project Management)
Mosquito Squadron (2002)   (Project management)


RailWorks 2: Train Simulator (2010)   (Special Thanks)
RailWorks (2009)   (Special Thanks)
World Airports (2002)   (Thanks to the other nice guys)
Airbus 2000: Special Edition (2000)   (Special Thanks to)
Airbus 2000 (1999)   (Special Thanks to)
RAF Collection (1998)   (With thanks to the following)


Battle of Britain: Memorial Flight (2001)   (Final Software Compilation)
Luftwaffe Collection (1999)   (The Technical Patience)
RAF Collection (1998)   (Interactive Associates Production)

Developer Biography

Alex has a broad base of hands-on skills gained in his career that all come together in his role of Publishing Director. With experience in the world of print, flight training operations, Avionics, running his own business, combined with a passion for all things aviation from a young age, means that Alex brings knowledge from all of these areas into play in his work. Alex joined Interactive Associates CDC (later Just Flight) in 1997 as a Product Manager, moved up to Senior Product manager and is now Publishing Director and is responsible for new and existing products, as well as developer relationships.

Alex's main passion has been everything aviation starting in his school years when he lived near Heathrow Airport. Having served as a civilian instructor in the Air Training Corps - 1381 Squadron, worked with Avionics for a major U.K. helicopter company and been the operations manager for a Flying School, combined with achieving one of his ambitions to gain a U.K. Private Pilots licence, Alex is an avid aviation enthusiast.

Alex's interest in computer flight simulation is a natural extension of his aviation interests and in the early days of computer flight simulation was known to buy a computer system just because it had a flight sim program written for it. Starting off with a Sinclair ZX81, and moving through other systems such as the BBC 'B' and Atari STFM, he eventually entered the world of the Personal Computer (PC), Microsoft Flight Simulator and other PC based flight sims.

Alex brings a unique mix of hands on ability with proven experience in all things flight simulation. Since Alex took over management, Just Flight has won plaudits for product quality and reliability, which has further enhanced their reputation as market leaders. Alex is very much the "Scotty" of the operation.

Alex is married, has two children and lives near Oxford in the UK.

Last updated: Mar 22, 2016