Don Punchatz

Game Credits


DOOM (1993)   (Doom Logo)

Creative Services

DOOM: Collector's Edition (2001)   (Cover Illustration)
The Ultimate DOOM (1995)   (Cover Art)
DOOM (1993)   (Cover Illustration)


Harmony (2009)   (The Doom community for your (indirect) inspiration. In particular)

Developer Biography

Don Ivan Punchatz is an artist who is especially known for the designing the cover and packaging to the first-person shooter DOOM (1993). He also made art for publications such as Playboy, National Geographic, TIME and National Lampoon.

On 11th October 2009 he suffered a cardiac arrest on and did not regain consciousness. After nearly two weeks of intensive tests, doctors concluded that there was no chance of recovery and no brain activity, advising the family to remove him from life support, aged 73.

Last updated: Oct 31, 2009