Marina Ravun

Also Known As

  • Marina Rabun
  • Марина Равун
  • Marina Ravoun

Game Credits


Pacific Storm: Allies (2008)   (VP Financial)
Jadernyj Titbit 2 (2006)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
Hellforces (2004)   (VP Financial)
Strashilki: Shestoe Chuvstvo (2004)   (Financial Director)
Battle Mages (2003)   (VP Financial)
Echelon: Wind Warriors (2002)   (Company Management)
Spells of Gold (2002)   (Big Bosses)


Jadernyj Titbit (2003)   (Big Bosses)


Petka 9: Proletarskiy Glamur (2009)   (Special Thanks to (Отдельное спасибо))
Aggression: Reign over Europe (2008)   (Very Special Thanks to)
Collapse (2008)   (Special Thanks to)
GearGrinder (2008)   (Special Thanks to)
Pacific Storm: Allies (2008)   (Very Special Thanks to)
Den' Vyborov (2007)   (Special Thanks to (Отдельное спасибо))
Dusk-12: Deadly Zone (2007)   (Special Thanks To)
Ex Machina Arcade (2007)   (Special thanks (Отдельное спасибо))
Pacific Storm (2007)   (Very special thanks to)
Petka VIII: Pokorenie Rima (2007)   (Special Thanks)
Hard Truck: Apocalypse - Rise of Clans (2006)   (Special Thanks To)
Jadernyj Titbit 2 (2006)   (Special Thanks to (Отдельное спасибо))
Petka 007: Zoloto Partii (2006)   (Special Thanks to (Отдельное спасибо))
The Stalin Subway: Red Veil (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Hard Truck: Apocalypse (2005)   (Special Thanks To:)
WWI: The Great War (2003)   (Also special thanks to)
Dvenadtsat' Stuljev (2002)   (Special Thanks to (Отдельное спасибо))
Midnight Nowhere (2002)   (Special Thanks)
Echelon (2001)   (Very Special Thanks to)
Shtyrlitz (2000)   (Special Thanks from Shtyrlitz to (От Штырлица отдельное спасибо))
Red Comrades 2 (1999)   (Very Special Thanks for moral and material support to (Отдельное спасибо за моральную и материальную поддержку))
Red Comrades: Save the Galaxy - Reloaded (1999)   (Special Thanks To (Огромное спасибо))
Rage of Mages (1998)   (Special Thanks To)


Den' Vyborov (2007)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
Ex Machina Arcade (2007)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
Pacific Storm (2007)   (VP Financial)
Hard Truck: Apocalypse - Rise of Clans (2006)   (VP Financial)
Petka 007: Zoloto Partii (2006)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
The Stalin Subway: Red Veil (2006)   (Financial Director)
True Crime: New York City (2006)   (CFO)
Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness (2005)   (VP Financial)
Hard Truck: Apocalypse (2005)   (VP Financial)
Operation: Matriarchy (2005)   (Financial Director)
Pathologic (2005)   (VP financial)
Petka 6: Novaya Realnost (2005)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
The Stalin Subway (2005)   (Financial Director)
Petka 5: Konec Igry (2004)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
Fair Strike (2003)   (VP Financial)
Nedetskie Skazki (2003)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
Petka 4: Den' Nezavisimosti (2003)   (Financial Director (Финансовый директор))
WWI: The Great War (2003)   (Financial Director)
March! Offworld Recon (2002)   (VP Financial)
Paradise Cracked (2002)   (Finance director)

Developer Biography

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