Masanori Wake

Game Credits


Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth (1998)   (Product Manager)


Military Madness: Nectaris (2009)   (Supervisors)
Bomberman LIVE (2007)   (Supervisors)
Diner Dash (2005)   (Supervisors)
Tengai Makyō III: Namida (2005)   (Executive Producers (エグゼクティブプロデューサー))
Dream Mix TV World Fighters (2003)   (Producer (プロデューサー))
Mario Golf (1999)   (Coordinators )
Super Bomberman 5 (1997)   (Producer)
Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer (1995)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Ginga Ojōsama Densetsu Yuna 2: Eien no Princess (1995)   (Producer (プロデューサー))
Kabuki Ittōryōdan (1995)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Kishin Dōji ZENKI: Battle Raiden (1995)   (Producer)
Kishin Dōji Zenki FX: Vajra Fight (1995)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Kūsō Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy (1995)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Panic Bomber (1995)   (Producer)
Seiya Monogatari: Anearth Fantasy Stories (1995)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Tengai Makyō: Dennō Karakuri Kakut... (1995)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Bakushō: Yoshimoto no Shinkigeki (1994)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Hagane: The Final Conflict (1994)   (Producer)
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (1993)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Quiz Caravan: Cult Q (1993)   (Producers (プロデュース))
Riot Zone (1993)   (Product Manager)
Tengai Makyō: Fūun Kabuki Den (1993)   (Producers (プロデューサー))
Ys IV: The Dawn of Ys (1993)   (Producers (プロデュース))
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II (1992)   (Supervisors (スーパーバイザー))

Quality Assurance

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)   (Supervisors)


Mario Golf (1999)   (Coordinators)


Dual Heroes (1997)   (Product Manager)


Bomberman Land Touch! (2006)   (Supervisor)


Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts (2008)   (Special Thanks to)
Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Omega Five (2008)   (Special Thanks to)
Rooms: The Main Building (2008)   (Special Thanks to)
Dream Chronicles (2007)   (Special Thanks To)
Bomberman: Bakufū Sentai Bombermen (2006)   (Special Thanks (スペシャルサンクス))
Digimon Rumble Arena (2001)   (Special Thanks to...)
Pinobee: Wings of Adventure (2001)   (Special Thanks (Artoon))
Neo Nectaris (1994)   (Special Thanks (スペシャルサンクス))
World Heroes 2 (1993)   (Special Thanks )
Soldier Blade (1992)   (Special thanks to)
Momotarō Densetsu Gaiden (1991)   (Special Thanks)
Neutopia II (1991)   (Thanks to)
Seiryū Densetsu Monbit (1991)   (Special Thanks (スペシャルサンクス))
The Space Adventure (1991)   (Special Thanks (スペシャルサンクス))
Prince of Persia (1989)   (Special Thanks)
Ninja Gaiden (1988)   (Special thanks)


Blender Bros. (2002)   (Comic Bonbon Edition)

Developer Biography

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