David C. J. Taylor

Also Known As

  • C. J. Taylor

Game Credits


CyberMage: Darklight Awakening (1995)   (Graphics / Artwork)


BioForge (1995)   (Model - Rann Lexxan)


The Dark Half (1992)   (Sound Effects)

Quality Assurance

Marble Drop (1997)   (Quality Assurance (Demo))

Developer Biography

David began with Origin Systems in 1991 in the 183 (Research) building. The grand old days of Origin and Ultima. He worked on several projects that were begun and then shelved (Fire Horse, Hard Core) then they moved to the Bridgepoint Origin building. There he worked on Cybermage and several technology experiments before we started work on Technosaur and when that was canceled, that was the end of Origin for him.

He moved over to CinemaTronics, which had just become Maxis (South). Maxis South was Maxis's attempt to get new gaming ideas going with Maxis that weren't Sim based games. (This was all pre-EA) They had several titles that we shipped with Maxis (Marble Drop, Full-Tilt Pinball series) while they were also developing several new ideas, Crucible being the largest and most complete of those ideas. Crucible was a Gauntlet type game that could be played in a long session style or you could just jump in and play for a bit, save and then jump back out without having the long-term commitment of other D&D type games of the time like Ultima and King's Quest.

When EA bought Maxis they decided that with the newly launched Ultima Online that they didn't need another hack and slash game that could be played over the internet and possibly confuse the customer base. (thanks EA, yet another year or so down the drain and stored in a box somewhere). After that the corporate world looked pretty stable so he is now at IBM and am just coming up on his 8th year there (2012).

Last updated: Feb 15, 2012