Javier Rollón Moral

Game Credits


Blade of Darkness (2001)   (2D-/3D-Graphics)

Developer Biography

Before becoming a part of RAS, I was in the TV industry making some 3D advertisements with Alias Power Animator, and later, animations for the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland for DisneyQuest in a company called SiliconArtist; as some internet stuff (web pages, VRML, etc.). Before getting into RAS I got in touch with video game developers in Spain (PyroStudios and RAS), and in the rest of the world (Westwood, Electronic Arts, ...); all of these made via internet. I made some tests before getting inside, and now I am another member of 18 people, working hard on developing one of the better games ever seen on the screens.

[Source: Blade Universe web site]

Last updated: Jun 17, 2004