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Robin D. Laws

Game Credits


King of Dragon Pass (1999)   (Design)


King of Dragon Pass (1999)   (Writing and Editing)


Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage (1996)   (Acclaim Comics)

Developer Biography

Robin's first novel, Pierced Heart, based on Atlas Games' Over the Edge game, was published in 1996 to a very warm reception. Robin designed the recent hit roleplaying game Feng Shui, and the accompanying trading card game Shadowfist; and created the world underlying the two games. He contributed dialog scenes to Acclaim's best-selling CD-ROM game Magic: the Gathering Battlemage. Robin is the author of over a dozen roleplaying sourcebooks and adventures, and a contributor to many more. He has also worked as an actor, stage director, and radio movie reviewer, and wrote a play for children that received several productions.

Source: Selected articles from A Sharp Official Website - About Us - King of Dragon Pass Development Team


Last updated: Jun 18, 2003