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Orbiter (2000)   (VAB-building mesh and model by)

Developer Biography

Valerio Oss (b. 3rd January 1965 in Trento, Italy) began his job career as an analyst-programmer on PC and IBM mainframe systems after finishing his science studios. In 1988 he attended in Milan the "Scuola del Fumetto" (school of comics) and the "CTC - centro di formazione professionale per la tecnica cinetelevisiva, sezione cartone animato" (school of cinema, cartoon section), experiencing in classical animation techniques, filmmaking and directing, and comic books.

In 1990 he began his collaboration with "Bozzetto Produzione Film" in Milan (Italy), starting as an in-betweener, then as an assistant animator for commercials.

In 1991 his “Opera prima” (first-work) "Daydreaming", a short animated film, takes part to two international animation film festivals in Treviso and Lucca (Italy).

Since 1993 he is actively collaborating with The Walt Disney Company Italia S.p.A., with the production of comic books for the weekly comic "Topolino" (Mickey Mouse), Marvel Italia, drawing and rendering the covers of comic books such as “L’Uomo Ragno” (Spider-man, Italian version).

In 1994 he opened his own production studio (Pixel Cartoon) in Trento - Italy, where he is living, and continues his works on 3D generated imagery, cartoons and comics.

In 1996 he created the Internet site of the Italian movie director Maurizio Nichetti. With director Maurizio Nichetti he actively collaborates in many new productions, on the web and on the set of his TV series and film productions with live internet broadcasts of his backstages.

In 1997 and 1998 with Pixel Cartoon and an external 28 people team, was writer, director, 3D animator, modeller and software developer of an adventure game on CD-ROM The Ghost Dynasty, with ancient Egypt locations, completely made with 3D techniques and live actors.

Since 1999 he collaborated with many local and national video production studios, creating promotional videos and commercials with classic animation techniques and CGI 2D/3D renderings.

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