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Scott Chandler

Game Credits


Trivia Munchers Deluxe (1996)   (Developers)
The Ooze (1995)   (Programming)
Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball (1993)   (Programming)


The Ooze (1995)   (Technical Thanks)
Kid Chameleon (1992)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

Shortly after graduating from the University of Oregon with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, Scott joined < moby developer="Mark Cerny">Mark Cerny< /moby>'s < moby company="Sega Technical Institute"> Sega Technical Institute < /moby> located in the San Francisco Bay Area. During his four years there, he worked on several innovative, conceptual projects, as well as contributed to published < moby platform="Genesis">Genesis< /moby> titles < moby title="Dick Tracy">Dick Tracy< /moby>, < moby title="Kid Chameleon">Kid Chameleon< /moby>, < moby title="Sonic Spinball">Sonic Spinball< /moby>, and < moby title="The Ooze">The Ooze< /moby>.

Scott later went on to join < moby company="Atari">Atari Corporation< /moby>'s Jaguar games division, to help create a Cyberpunk themed title for the Atari Jaguar CD. Unfortunately, financial difficulties caused the company to shut down shortly after.

After relocating back to the Portland, Oregon region, Scott spent several years with ImageBuilder Software, releasing a dozen children's "edutainment" software titles for such publishers as IBM, MECC, Creative Wonders, and others.

Scott currently creates mobile software for the iOS market under his company, < moby company="Wooly Beast Software LLC">Wooly Beast Software LLC< /moby>, and for CrowdCompass, in Portland, Oregon.

Last updated: Oct 19, 2014