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Kym Goyer

Also Known As

  • Kim Goyer

Game Credits

Quality Assurance

Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-1943 - Sc... (1993)   (Testunterst├╝tzung)
Great Naval Battles: North Atlantic 1939-43 - Supe... (1993)   (Playtesting Support)
Cyber Empires (1992)   (Test Support)
The Dark Queen of Krynn (1992)   (Test Support)
Legends of Valour (1992)   (Test Support (SSI))
Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace (1992)   (Playtesting)

Creative Services

Unlimited Adventures (1993)   (Documentation)


Dungeon Hack (1993)   (Test Support)
Stronghold (1993)   (Test Support)
Tony La Russa Baseball II (1993)   (Editing and Test Support)
Veil of Darkness (1993)   (Editing Support)
Buck Rogers: Matrix Cubed (1992)   (Support)
Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace (1992)   (Test Support)
The Summoning (1992)   (Test Support)
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon (1991)   (Test Support)


Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor (1993)   (Contributing Editor)
Fantasy Empires (1993)   (Test Support)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.