Jeremy Schwartz

Game Credits


FIFA 99 (1998)   (Director, Digital Production)
NBA Live 99 (1998)   (Director, Digital Production)
World Cup 98 (1998)   (Director, Digital Production)


NHL 99 (1998)   (Director, Digital Production)
Triple Play 99 (1998)   (Director, Digital Production)
World Cup 98 (1998)   (Director, Digital Production )
Alien Trilogy (1996)   (ATG Studio Services Director)


Batman Forever (1995)   (Special Thanks)
Batman Forever (1995)   (Special Thanks)


WWF War Zone (1998)   (Relations)
Magic: The Gathering - Battlemage (1997)  
Foreman for Real (1995)   (Advanced Technology Group)
NFL Quarterback Club 96 (1995)   (Acclaim Studio Services)

Developer Biography

Jeremy Schwartz has spent several decades in computer graphics content creation, production management, and technology development. He started his career as a CG animator working on Disney's TRON in 1980, and subsequently worked for CG production and technology companies such as Triple I, MAGI, and animation workstation pioneer Symbolics.

Jeremy has also worked extensively in the games industry for companies like Acclaim Entertainment (as Director of Studio Services for their Advanced Technology Group), and Electronic Arts (as Director of Digital Productions), overseeing the development of 3D tools and content as well as the management of digital production studios for motion capture, Ultimatte, digital audio and video post-production.

In addition Jeremy is a recognized and widely quoted industry authority on games and interactive entertainment, streaming media, Internet audio, and digital asset management.

Last updated: May 21, 2011