Donald W. Landon

Also Known As

  • Donald Landon

Game Credits


Super Slam Dunk (1993)   (Producers)


Super Slam Dunk (1993)   (Additional Programming)


Batman Returns (1992)   (Video Models)

Developer Biography

I started to program games in 1987 while working for Pacific Dataworks International (A Troy Lyndon company). I did Bionic Commando (US C64 Version) for Capcom. Later Black Tiger for Capcom utilized all the code I wrote for Bionic Commando. Next I did 90% of Curse of Babylon for Borderbund 1998.

I took a short break from programming and returned to hardware repair. In 1991 I returned to programming with the title of Dream Team Basketball for Park Place Productions (A Troy Lyndon, Mike Knox Company.) While At Park Place I have credits for Facts in Action, Magic Johnson Super Slam Basketball, Batman Returns, Beat the House, The Human Calculator, and Body Illustrated. I was working on Kung-fu for the Genesis before the company was stolen by a hardware provider. I was forced to stay with Park Place and designed Beat the House 2, an Indy racing game that was not published and Caesar Palace. At the end of Park Place they took control of Lobo for Ocean of America which was finished but not released because it ended up being a nonviolent fighting game.

I was programming Mission Impossible for the PC when Ocean merged (or was taken over) by Infogrames and they took all their development work to France and laid me off. After Ocean/Infogrames I did hardware driver for the Sega Saturn and an Internet Bingo game.

Now I am a full time student at Fresno State University and have no Interest in Game Programming.

- Donald W. Landon - via email

Last updated: May 26, 2004