Mike Hanson

Game Credits


Ninja Clowns (1991)   (Editor)


Power-Up (2014)   (Design)
Power Drive (1994)   (Maps)


Power-Up (2014)   (Code)


Power-Up (2014)   (Art)
OddBloB (2010)   (Lead Artist)
Astraware Casino (2009)   (Lead Artist)
Astraware Solitaire (2009)   (Lead Artist)
Bubble Babble (2009)   (Graphics)
Bubble Shuffle (2009)   (Graphics)
Crazy Daisy (2009)   (Graphics)
Tradewinds 2 (2009)   (Lead Artist)
Astraware Boardgames (2008)   (Graphics)
Bejeweled: Deluxe (2003)   (Graphics)
Samurai Jack: The Amulet of Time (2003)   (Art)
Bookworm Deluxe (2002)   (Art)
Power Drive (1994)   (Graphics)


Power-Up (2014)   (Sound)
OddBloB (2010)   (Music )


Power-Up (2014)   (Marketing)


Comix Zone (2002)   (Special Thanks)


Time Killers (1992)   (The Time Killers Staff)

Developer Biography

In 1993, a teenage Mike started his games industry career with Denton Design and Rage Software, in Liverpool as a QA tester. Already a keen artist, he was invited to contribute a little art for some of their games, which gave him a taste of the production process. Soon he was returning as a Junior Artist on a temporary basis, when his education allowed. Titles he worked on at Dentons and Rage included "Batman Returns" on Amiga, "Krusty's Fun House" for SNES and "Power Drive" for Amiga, and "Fifa 97" for SNES.

His MTP (Media Technology and Production) degree was a multi-faceted course which covered studio based TV production, Film, Special Effects and Audio production, alongside some video game creation. Mike was able to flex many creative muscles and pick up a wide range of production skills and packages which would become useful later.

In 2001, he graduated and was employed as a junior artist for Virtucraft. The company produced GBA titles, mostly for Bam! and the Cartoon Network. Mike created artwork for a number of games, including "Rocky", "Comix Zone" and some "Dexter's Laboratory" games but his most prominent work at Virtucraft came in the form of artwork for their "Samurai Jack" title. While with Virtucraft, Mike was writing and performing with his band; "Lovemonkey" in the pubs and clubs of Liverpool, Warrington, St Helens and the surrounding areas. His interest in music production would also come in handy later on.

In 2003 Mike, alongside other former employees of Virtucraft formed Rusty Nutz and despite his inexperience, he took up the role of acting Creative Director. Rusty Nutz picked up some work, including a lot of unpublished Mobile titles and "Lemmings" for Eye Toy. In 2005, the art team were outsourced for track construction work on Bizarre creation's "Project Gotham Racing 3" for xbox 360, but altogether, the volume of unpublished work, long hours and low pay urged him to move on.

Mike was employed as an artist at mobile games company, Astraware in 2006 where he has been most prolific to date, working on tens of games in the four years he has been with the company, and rising to Lead artist. His work there includes "Astraware Solitaire, Sudoku, Casino, Boardgames and Mahjong", "Bubble Babble", "Bubble Shuffle", "Police Range","Jetpack Jack" (artist and musician), and his outstanding claymation piece, "OddBloB" (artist and musician), amongst others. In 2013, Astraware downsized, completely closing their art department.

While looking for his next gig, Mike turned a hobby project, the retro-inspired side scrolling 2D Space shooter Power-Up into a part time professional piece. Power-Up had been intended as a learning exercise in C# programming with the XNA environment. The end result was to be a published indie game for XBox live. The project became a fairly high profile affair in indie gaming circles, smashing its Kickstarter goal, and launching on XBLIG to a very positive response. The game was even featured on the XBLIG front page, and after showings at several UK based Expos in 2014, Power-Up was even Greenlit for Steam.

During the drive to get Power-Up finished and out, Mike was hired on a part time basis by Lightwood games, where he created the art for a number of casual puzzle and card based games including "Hero Brigade", "Stak Bots", "Sopio", and "Word Train". He also created the visuals for over 20 of their "Epic Word Search" themed collection. This led to work with POWGI where Mike designed all of the company's casual branding and consistently designed the visuals their catalogue of games.

In September 2014, Mike was hired by The Studio School in Liverpool as a part time Sector Skills Champion. The Studio is a school which caters to the city's prominent games and creative digital industries. As a games artist, not to mention developer, designer, musician and marketeer, Mike's skill sets are proving particularly useful in providing mentoring and guidance for The Studio's students as they explore a future in the creative industries.

Mike's work at the Studio also expands to events and attractions, including The Mezzanine, a first-of-its-kind educational Retro-Gaming arcade exhibiting working, playable examples of consoles and home computers ranging from the Atari 2600 to the Playstation 2, and growing...

As of January 2015 Mike continues to work with Lightwood, POWGI and The Studio School, while creating his own games under the one-man banner of Psychotic Psoftware.

Last updated: Feb 05, 2015