Massimiliano Di Monda

Game Credits


AXL: Full Boost (2012)   (Producer)
Sniper Elite (2010)   (Producer)
Think: Sinnes Trainer (2009)   (Producer)
Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing (2007)   (Producer)
Big Mutha Truckers (2006)   (Producer)
R-Type III: The Third Lightning (2004)   (Producer )
Smashing Drive (2004)   (Producer)
Wing Commander: Prophecy (2003)   (Producer)


Sniper Elite (2010)   (Additional Level Editing)
Think: Sinnes Trainer (2009)   (Lead Designer)
R-Type III: The Third Lightning (2004)   (Levels Editing )
Wing Commander: Prophecy (2003)   (Levels / Text Editing)
Wings (2003)   (Level Mapping)
Puma Street Soccer (1999)   (Game Design)

Quality Assurance

Think: Sinnes Trainer (2009)   (Quality Assurance)
Hot Wheels: Ultimate Racing (2007)   (Quality Assurance)
Big Mutha Truckers (2006)   (QA)
R-Type III: The Third Lightning (2004)   (Quality Assurance )
Smashing Drive (2004)   (QA)
Wing Commander: Prophecy (2003)   (QA)
Wings (2003)   (QA)
Chris Kamara's Street Soccer (2000)   (Lead Tester and QA)
Puma Street Soccer (1999)   (Testing)
Syyrah: The Warp Hunter (1997)   (Lead Beta Tester)

Developer Biography

Massimiliano Di Monda, game producer and designer, lives in Napoli in the south of Italy. He started his work in the Game Industry in 1996 from the scratch in the QA department, and after years of experience he started designing and then also producing games. During his 14 years career, Massi has produced more than 20 products across numerous platforms, ranging from Sony PlayStation and Nintendo GameBoy Color to PC, Nintendo GameBoy Advance, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, mobile platforms. In 2002/2003, Massi produced Wing Commander Prophecy on the Nintendo GameBoy Advance, the game was named as Best Technological Excellence runner up at E3 in Los Angeles. Most recently games include the much acclaimed Sniper Elite for the Nintendo Wii published by Reef-Entertainment and My Little Baby on the new Samsung BADA platform, Wii ware and iOS. During his career Massi has built good relationship with many publishers and developers expanding his knowledge of the industry.

Last updated: Nov 24, 2011