Don L. Daglow


2009 - on X-Play's coverage of DICE.
Don L. Daglow
Taken from Eragon's unlockable video "Birth of a Game" (PlayStation 2)
At MIGS 2007
From "The Computer Chronicles" TV show, 1993, demonstrating Tony La Russa's Baseball on an episode about baseball and computers
Circa 1993<br>Top row (left to right): Don Daglow, John Keester, David Bunnett<br>Front row: Jim Larsen, Mark A. Fong, Mark Buchignani<br><small>source: <i>Mario Andretti Racing</i> manual</small>
Circa 1992<br>Don Daglow (front row, middle) <br> <small>source: <i>Tony La Russa Baseball</i> manual</small>
Circa 1994 <br> Back row (left to right): Don L. Daglow, John Keester, Hudson Piehl <br> <small>source: <i>La Russa Baseball 95</i> manual</small>