An Emulation Scene Primer


Imagine trying to play some of your favorite games that you brought for your old system, which you sold ages ago, on your PC or Macintosh. Can you really do it?

Yes. With the help of a software program, known as an "emulator". It is possible to play your favorite games over and over again. Emulators exist for many systems, including the Amiga, C64, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega Master System, the Atari 2600, and more. Just download the emulator that imitates your old system, along with its ROM images, and you'll never stop playing these games.

As much as that is enjoyable, emulation has its ups and downs in terms of legality. There have been court cases where some major game corporations discussed in this article lost their case against programmers.

This article explains the differences between emulators and the three types of ROMS that are found on almost every emulation site, and how ROMS are made. Threats to the emulation community are also discussed in great detail. I will also discuss the two court cases that were well known to the emulation community, involving both Sony and Nintendo, and two programmers that emulate their current systems. As well as this, I will discuss alternatives to emulation.


Table of Contents: An Emulation Scene Primer