10 Reasons to buy a Nintendo Revolution

10. Nintendo has the most experience out of the 3 game developers

When you decide to get your toilet fixed or your electricity fixed, who do you call? Do you call the rookie who was been barely working for a month? Or do you call the experienced man with a lifetime worth of know-how. My guess is that if you want to get the best bang for your buck, you get the experienced one.

So why shouldn’t this concept apply to video games as well. Let’s look at the stats, shall we?


Years in the gaming industry: 5
Systems: Xbox, Xbox 360 (2)
Handhelds: None


Years in the gaming industry: 12
Systems: Playstation, PS2 (2)
Handhelds: PSP (1)


Years in the gaming industry: 20
Systems: NES, SNES (Super Famicom), Nintendo 64, Gamecube (4)
Handhelds: Virtual Boy (not handheld, but portable), Game Boy, Game boy pocket, Game boy color, Game boy advance & SP, Nintendo DS (6, not counting GB pocket)

Looking at these stats, Nintendo beats out Microsoft and Sony in all three categories. Nintendo scores over the rest with roughly over 20 years of hardened experience in the gaming industry. Nintendo has also released consoles for almost every generation of gamers. It scores over the others with more consoles and handhelds combined.

In contrast:

Obviously we’ve already illustrated how much experience Microsoft and Sony have in comparison to Nintendo. Who cares, you say? Well take this for example:

The Xbox 360 was released a little early to get to stores by the Christmas rush. Stores usually had an extremely limited number of units to sell, meaning even the people with reservations probably left empty-handed. Those with reservations didn’t even get near a 360. To put it short, supplies were extremely limited in each store.

But to put things in a tight spot, things began to get hot, quite literally. Systems were overheating and crashing. Some even reported that the 360 were causing electrical fires within the systems themselves. With such a limited amount of systems to sell, no retailer could replace the system and anyone wanting a new Xbox 360 had to send it back to Microsoft.

To most this would be an annoyance, but to me this shows an important flaw in Microsoft. It shows me that not only had they not taken the time to try and develop a solid fan-cooling system, it showed me that they made the mistake of releasing the system before all the bugs could even be worked out. This is something I would not expect Nintendo to do, primarily because Nintendo has the experience to test out their systems and not release it early.

Nintendo had proven to be a trust-worthy game source. It strives on quality and that’s what it so far has delivered. Microsoft or Sony has yet to prove that to me.

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