10 Reasons to buy a Nintendo Revolution

1. Nintendo is going to change the video gaming industry. From the controller to concept, the Revolution is breaking new ground and exploring new horizons

These days, rarely do we see a game that is totally and completely original. Where are the games that aren’t fighting games, Madden, an FPS, or another generic RPG? Where are the games that actually break new ground? Where is my game that I can play the negotiator in a high-risk stand-off? Where is the game where I can play as the president trying to narrowly avoid social collapse? And for Christ sake, what happened to the platform genre!?!?!?

Back when video games were new, there were limitations to hardware that limited what could actually be done while making video games. During the era of the N64 and the PS1, there were graphical, not to mention extreme voice acting limitations that limited what people could do with video games. Developers had to work with extremely limited resources, and yet masterpieces like Goldeneye 007 came out of this era.

And yet we finally have that technology that we never had back then and what are we doing with it? We’re still making games almost exactly similar to that of Goldeneye! The people at Sony claim to have more FLOP than Nintendo or Sony, so why aren’t they using it??? Why aren’t we creating games that broaden the gaming horizon? Why aren’t creating games that have never been done before? Impossible you say? Well consider this, how many lawyer games are there out there? How many surgery games are there out there? Where is the game that instead of playing a faceless president ruling a country you play the president’s role, having to meet with diplomats and deal with PR personally; the game where you get to take strolls around the white house and deal with the paparazzi. Everyone keeps saying that they have the best technology. Sony claims that the PS3 will have over 20 times the power that the PS2 did! So where are these games? Why aren’t we seeing these sorts of launch games for the PS3 and Xbox 360?

With Nintendo on the scene you can guarantee that is going to change. The reason they call it a Revolution is because it really is a revolution. And there are many signs that show just this. Just take one look at the controller they are showing off. I know a lot of people are groaning saying it look likes the stupidest thing in the world. But I’m beaming. That controller is just the thing the gaming industry needs to keep it fresh. It’s never been done before (except for the Phillips CD-i, however the interface for that was excruciating) and it is innovation at its best.

I can guarantee that the new Revolution controller will change everything. Older controller designs may be comfortable but they are the same. It means that developers can get away with the same old stuff. They won’t be challenged to try new things. But with the Revolution controller things will be much different. The new controller turns developers upside down and forces them to completely rethink the way they make a video game. Game developers will have to be quick and think on their feet to come out with clever and ingenious ways to make new games. New engines will have to be developed, leading to exciting new possibilities. With the new controller, things thought impossible before will be created with the new controller.

And not only this, but Nintendo has brought us innovation already. Look at the Nintendo DS. Not only has the dual screen never been done before on a handheld, but a touch screen as well. On a handheld that fits in your pocket! And look at the titles coming out for the DS. Games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Trauma Center: Under the Knife are bringing us new and innovative styles of game play. New DS WiFi allows us to play our friends without wires or subscription service. The new network allows us to play online with people from around the world. And it does all this without wires or cables. All of this is packed into a handheld.

Nintendo is also breaking new ground in age groups. They’re expanding the video game age to group to all demographics. How’d you like it if you didn’t even have to convince your girlfriend or wife into playing video games with you? How’d you like her to actually be able to beat you at those video games (assuming your girlfriend or wife doesn’t already beat you at video games, of course)? Imagine this world where people can come together like this in a virtual world. Imagine a world where you can challenge your mom to a video game. Imagine a world where if your dad is a doctor, you can ask him to help you perform surgery and write prescriptions. Imagine a world where your partner in crime is your own grandfather. Okay, maybe I’m pushing it a little bit with the grandfather thing back there, but you get the idea. You saw the advertisement for their new controller. It’s going to change everything. That means more people from different age groups and demographics will want to play video games. Video games will start to appeal to other people than just nerds and gamers and teens. Other people like girls. Developers are finally starting to realize that a portion of their games are going to people without penises! We’ve seen it happen with The Sims and we’ve seen it happen with Nintendogs. We all know it’s perfectly possible to make games that are girl-friendly (or at least don’t offend them with half-naked women with heaving bosoms). With Nintendo’s idea, this might not be a far-away thing. This is the next generation, and we should be expecting these things, not just hoping for them.

Innovation is key people, let’s encourage it. The next-generation is going to include a few new surprises. The Revolution will be riding them into unthought-of possibilities.

In contrast:

In contrast the PS3 and Xbox 360 will not be as innovative as I originally thought they would be. And there are definitely many things that tell me this.

For, both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are very graphic heavy systems and a lot of development money has been put it (and for the PS3, still being put) into the systems. Both systems are putting a lot of emphasis on graphics in advertisement and stuff like that. Sony is already talking about the graphical capabilities of the PS3 months before its release.

And yet I don’t see anything for these systems that jumps out at me and being extremely innovative or extremely new that excites me beyond all belief. The one thing that does catch my eye is the 7 player ability for the PS3, but that seems to be about it. Take a look yourself. The designs for neither the PS3 nor the 360 have changed much at all from their predecessor. And most of all, their controllers look almost exactly the same. What’s the deal with that. That’s not innovation right there.

Consider this, and the fact that neither Microsoft nor Sony has given us huge leaps in innovation over the years. Sony’s PSP is no where near as innovative as the DS. On the PSP I see a lot of cool media features (the idea of storing pictures on there I actually thought was a pretty good idea), on top of some really good graphics as well. However, other than that the games are not solid hits or at least don’t jump out at me as amazing works of art. Let’s face it, the PSP isn’t innovation in the palm of your hands.

And lastly, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are based around the gaming demographics. The hardcore graphics as well as the FPS’s, sports games, and fighting games show me that a girlfriend or sister were never really intended to play these games. It shows me that, as it has been, that the consoles are aimed at gamers and teens. Not that that is a bad thing. Developers know we’re the ones playing the games, which means that on these systems we’ll get great games aimed at our personal tastes. And that’s great, but we’ve all seen what happens when things remain the same.

Nowadays, every system has online, every system has wireless controllers, every system has a gazillion megabytes of hard drive space, every system has their own separate line-up of only-for games that no one wants to miss out on, and every system has “the best” graphics ever created. I want something that’s never been done before, and Sony or Microsoft don’t seem to be doing that for me. Nintendo is delivering solid new game play elements, and new innovative designs that are luring me into the Revolution.

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