10 Reasons to buy a Nintendo Revolution

The Big Picture

Now it’s time to sum it all up. This is the big ending to the story where I sum up my findings to you and tell you how it is. More simply put, it’s the conclusion.

Now of course I’m not saying “The other systems such because Sony and Microsoft suck. They don’t know how to make games at all.” That is completely not what I’m trying to do. In fact, if you have the money and are willing to spend it on all 3 systems, then by all means do it! All 3 systems should be amazing. If you have enough money to get all three systems, I envy you for having that much money.

But let’s face the facts. If you’re looking to only get one next-gen system, make it count. I’ve looked at it and the Revolution seems to make the most sense out of the three next-gen systems. First of all, it hold amazing potential for game play and innovation that the gaming industry so dearly needs. It’s giving us great Nintendo games like Metroid Prime 3, The Legend of Zelda, and especially Super Smash Bros. Revolution. And on top of that, it’s the cheapest and most reliable out of all the systems. The Revolution is probably the best investment in the next-generation systems that you can get, especially when its so much more affordable than the other systems.

But no matter what the system you plan on choosing, the next year should hold some amazing surprises. The Xbox 360, the PS3, and the Revolution should appeal and satisfy to all of our gaming needs and go beyond what we expect. 2006 is going to be an interesting year for the both the gaming industry and the gaming community as well.

About the author: Matt Neuteboom is a fellow MobyGames contributor.

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