Outfitting the Future

Live and let Live!

This next-generation of console game development has something new that pc users have experienced for a very long time: Downloadable content. This is definitely apparent as Relic seems to realize the importance of Live! as they released the first multiplayer-only demo over Xbox marketplace. To date, over 170,000 people have downloaded the demo and more than 4,000 people play the demo on a daily basis.

Adrian doesn’t see Relic doing any Xbox Live! Arcade titles in the future, but downloadable add-on content is another story. While it wasn’t a primary focus for the team, it was important. The community was polled to see what content they’d be interested in, with downloadable maps being the most desirable. However, they’re not just limited to adding maps. The game has hooks to accept other add-ons, including new vehicles and additional characters, but so far the only assets confirmed as being in production are downloadable maps. Adrian said that Relic is also planning a ‘title update’ to patch a few of the minor issues that have popped up. So far Relic has dedicated about 4 or 5 people to supporting The Outfit with additional content, while the rest of the team moves onto the next project.

As far as the next project, Adrian said “It’s safe to say we’re going to stay with the 360.” When the topic of Sony’s new juggernaut came up, Adrian laughed a bit and said that “We know as much about the PS3 as you do.” He did go on to say that if they were to do something on the PS3 that it would need to be taken from a different approach than development on the 360.

The Outfit has been doing well so far for Relic and has filled another niche in the 360 lineup. Adrian says that he believes its strong enough for a sequel and that there’s enough ground to improve upon (like in the area of vehicle handling) that it might be something they’d consider exploring. He even hinted the possibility of it being a 360 exclusive. The one definite detail he would let slip is that it would build upon the action/strategy hybrid that The Outfit has set up.

Ronald Diemicke is a contributing writer for MobyGames

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