10 Worst 1st Party Controllers of All Time

Really Bad Controllers

Since the inception of Video Games, the controller has been an necessary component. Simply, all games require input and various types of game controllers have come along to, literally, put the power into your hands. Our stick and pad movements along with button presses translate into a symphony of combos, points, and power-ups. They make the player more powerful, almost superhuman. Ultimately, we buy games for the fantasies of grandeur come along with them and it's our controllers that enable us to live through those glorious heroic fantasies. The better the controller, the easier it is for someone to masterfully dominate a game. While skill is necessary, the importance of a good controller can not be under emphasized. A great controller acts as an extension of ourselves and fluidly translate our intended actions into what actually happens on the screen.

This article is not about these controllers.

Resident Evil 4

Chainsaw anyone?

This article is about those controllers that make you feel like a down syndrome child riding a unicycle. These are the controllers where something went wrong. These are the controllers where even the most skilled struggle. People who play games are notorious for putting up with endless hardship and pain. They endure the elements for system launches. They play through cramps in their hands and broken bones. They will put up with system crashes and bugs to no end if the game is good. Their determination is unwavering, so it is not in the least surprising that they will do battle with even the worst of controllers, if that is the price to play a great game. The mystifying part is how bad controller designs make it so far through development with no complaints. Greater minds than myself will be left to ponder the mysteries of why people put up with terrible controllers and why those controllers exist in the first place. I'm just the janitor here; observing and trying to clean up the mess.

Now, we imposed a restriction because there are far more bad controllers than good ones. So we've limited this to first party controllers only - meaning controllers that were made by the company that originated the system. We've also tried to stay away from goofy designs. You should know that no one meant for you to actually play Resident Evil 4 with the Gamecube chainsaw controller - that's just common sense. So below are the worst of the standard first party controllers ever.


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