The Easy Guide to Cleaning Games!!!



To get rid of all the crud, you'll need to open up your stuff. There are only a few special tools you'll need to do this, but they aren't expensive, and can be easily gotten from places Like for under $10US.

1. Small\medium philips head screw drivers- You'll need these for taking apart controllers, and occasionally, cartridges. You should already have some of these lying around. If you don't, I recommend this set.

2. Tri-wing screw driver- Used almost exclusively on Nintendo products. A decent one goes for about eight dollars.

3. Security Bits- Good for opening NES, SNES, N64, Virtual Boy, GB, GBC, Game Gear, Genesis, 32X games and various Nintendo accessories. They go for about ten dollars on Amazon.

4. 1\4 nut driver- You need these to drive the Game Bits. Any place that sells tools should have one of these. Go for a Craftsman if possible. They usually cost about six dollars.

5. Small knife- Used for taking apart cd cases. Any kind will do as long as it's thin.

Cleaning supplies

Considering we're just cleaning plastic, you don't need heavy cleaning chemicals. No using Comet, Windex, bleach or paint thinner you guys. I don't care how white it makes your Dreamcast look! You'll need...

1. Rubbing alcohol 50%-90% by volume- This is pretty safe for plastic, and cleans really well. It only cost about three to five dollars a bottle.

2. Goo Gone- This should only be used to get rid of stickers and writing. It's surprisingly strong, so use it carefully on labels and cover art when need be.

3. Mr. Clean Pad- When rubbing alcohol fails to get rid of grime stains, use this! They usually go for about five dollars a box.

4. Q-Tips- Good for cleaning out small grooves. Name brand or generic, it doesn't really matter.

5. Cotton Balls- Perfect for all purpose cleaning.

6. Cotton rag- An old wash cloth should be fine for this. Just make sure it's clean before you start.


You don't want to lose anything that holds your stuff together now do you? Well let's make sure that doesn't happen! I'll explain what they're for later, but here's what you need.

1. Scrap paper or cardboard

2. Marker pen

Continued: Getting down to business

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