The Easy Guide to Cleaning Games!!!

Boxes and Getting Rid of Unwanted Smells

No, not cases. I'm talking about card board boxes. Any box made of cardboard automatically makes cleaning it harder. Stickers must be removed with extreme care, as pulling too hard will create a tear. Writing on the box? Well, there's nothing to get rid of it unfortunately. Wrinkles and the box being smooshed are just what you face sometimes with old boxes. Taking a Mr. Clean pad lightly over the whole box is usually the best way to clean them. Anything stronger might fade the ink or breakdown the cardboard.

Then there's the issue of unwanted smells. Cigarette, moth balls and musty basement\attic smells are the most common odors. This applies to almost everything. Boxes, manuals, and cover art. There are a variety of methods you can try to get rid of them, but I found a few to be the most effective.

1. Take fresh news paper and tear it into whatever size you need. Stick those pieces inside, and the whole thing into an air tight environment, like a plastic bag. Let it sit for about two weeks. If the smell isn't gone by then, take out the newspaper and start over.

2. Take a new box of baking soda and place it and whatever you’re trying to get the smell out of into an air tight environment. For this method, I suggest a small cooler.

3. THE DRASTIC METHOD!!! So you don't want to wait two weeks? Then this method will definitely mask the smell, but it can be a bit hazardous to your stuff. Take a fragrance spray, and lightly mist the box\manual\ext. from about three feet away. Be careful you don't get close because it might wrinkle, or the color might bleed off. This should only be used in extreme cases, because the smell of whatever you put on it WILL stay there for at least a YEAR, so be warned. (It's quite a rush opening a case and nearly being knocked out by the smell.)

Most important of all, make sure that the airtight environment you put all this stuff in doesn't already smell. Sounds like a no brainer, but it can be easily overlooked. Leaving it in an airtight environment that smells is just as bad as blowing smoke right on them.

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