The Easy Guide to Cleaning Games!!!


I know what you're thinking. "I thought this was a guide for cleaning games?" Well, it is, but controllers are a bit too important to gloss over when talking about cleaning games. Since they're the part you handle the most, they get the dirtiest. Since most controllers are the same inside, it's pretty easy to give a general description on how to clean them. Before you take apart the controller, take your scrap paper\cardboard and make a rough diagram of the back. Make dots where all the screws go, and poke a small hole in each. Put each screw in the right hole, and you won't get them mixed up or lose any of them. Do the same for any inside screws as well. It's easier to lose track of those.

The inside of a controller consists of a main board, touch pads, and rumble. The rumble is actually a set of small electric motors with half weights on the spindles. You have to be careful handling these. The wires that connect them to the main board are thin, and easy to break. There's usually a small plug in on the main board that detaches them, so you set them to the side. From the Genesis on, buttons have small prongs that fit into notches around the holes in a specific pattern, so don't worry about mixing hem up. Analog sticks are soldered to the main board, so don't worry about removing them. The things that need the most attention are the seams, touch pads, buttons, and button holes.

More often than not, the seams and button holes have a solid line of crud on them. It shouldn't come as any surprise. Countless hours of gaming can result in a lot of sweat and skin cells getting inside and building up on stuff. Then there are the touch pads. They're the part that contacts the main board and makes the buttons work. Since they're right below the buttons, they accumulate almost as much crud. Don't forget to clean the analog sticks too. Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol are best way to clean everything in the controller. The main body of the controller is Just like a cartridge. There are lots of nooks and crannies crud can build up in. Again, take a q-tip and clean them the best you can. This goes for the inside as well. Next, take a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe the whole thing down again. Finally, take the Mr. Clean pad and wipe the cord off. (Prepare to be disgusted.) Don't worry about the tip. It's hard to get dirty, and equally hard to clean. Just wipe the outside off, and you’re done!

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