The Easy Guide to Cleaning Games!!!


So you made it through, good job! Now, not only have learned how to clean your games and controllers, but the steps used here can be applied to a lot of electronics! (I hope you found it helpful.)Before you go, I'd like to give you a few tips.

1. Try to keep your games away from dust. Storing them in a plastic box or deep shelf is usually enough to keep it out.

2. When you handle your disks, try to hold them either with your fingers and thumb on the edge of the disk, or with one finger in the center of the disk and your thumb on the edge.

3. Most importantly, RESIST THE URGE TO BLOW ON YOUR CARTRIDGES! We're all guilty of it time to time. But like I said earlier, it can degrade the pins. So take a dry q-tip over them to get rid of any light dust.

Well, that's it! Goodbye and have fun! OH YEAH! The last step is to wash your hands.

NOTE: Use this guide at your own risk, MobyGames is not responsible for any damages that may occur in the use of this.

Table of Contents: The Easy Guide to Cleaning Games!!!