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The Easy Guide to Cleaning Games!!!

Aug 01, 2011: Hey you. Yeah you! Like games? Like buying them used? Hate all the crud that comes along with it? Well hate no more! Here's your guide to clean away the grime! Clear away the dust! And make those controllers shine like new!

Leveling Down: The Story of Hentai RPGs

Oct 31, 2009: Leveling Down: The Story of Hentai RPGs

Our resident expert Unicorn B. Lynx tackles a much-overlooked games genre: Hentai RPGs. An elephant in the room, never shown on our frontpage, but buried deep down into the search engine, the history and highlights of the genre are dissected. Unicorn B. Lynx distils the essential gameplay that made its mark, to weed out the titles that are important and need to be played, and not just for the pretty pictures.

The World of Western RPGs

Jul 21, 2008: The World of Western RPGs
This article is a sequel of sorts to the previous RPG article, by Oleg Roschin, which covered the Asian RPGs.

Drunken Irishman has taken up the humongous task of writing the history of Western RPGs, trying to paint a picture of the evolution of the genre, using only a handful of games, which he describes in some detail to see what game introduced what to the genre. You will get to know the founding games that defined the elements we now take for granted, who borrowed a lot and how different titles can be compared in terms of design.

The article has been split up in large sections, covering everything from the early eighties to today's games.

10 Worst 1st Party Controllers of All Time

Nov 27, 2006: Since the inception of Video Games, the controller has been an inseparable component. Simply, all games require input and various types of game controllers have come along to, literally, put the power into someones hands. At best, they are an extension of us and fluidly translate what type of actions we want to have happen into what actually happens on screen. They intuitively come to us and we can pick them up and figure them out by looking at the controller's design and the design of the game.

But this article isn't about the best.

This article is about controllers that really miss the mark. To be fair, we've tried to limit this to first party controllers only - meaning controllers that were made by the company that originated the system. Anyone can make a bad 3rd party controller, but if you're a first party, you should know how the games on your console play and should have a very good idea how it all works. With the formalities out of the way - lets begin.

Back to the Future

Jul 11, 2006: Most great ideas are a combination of something a bit old and something a bit new. One of the latest trends in gaming combines the old style "serialized" method of telling stories that the very foundation of TV programming is built on and has combined it with the video games we love so much. Distributing a game in parts isn't really a new idea. Quake and Doom were just a couple games that were told in "episodes" that could be purchased in a wide variety of ways. However, people expect more types of narrative forms of story telling and a high level of play that just couldn’t be achieved effectively with a company selling their product via snail mail like in the old days, but the advent of digital distribution is now giving this episodic form of game sales a rebirth of sorts. Steam and the internet make this type of distribution quick and easy and likewise scare the pants off the publishers. Infact, Vivendi and Valve even went to court over Valve's attempt at self-publishing Half-Life 2 through Steam.

There are lots of questions about the resurrection of episodic gaming, mainly "Is this a passing fad?" To get some of these answered... I tried to find some people in the industry who'd speak their mind as to the future of the episodic model.

Let me introduce those who were kind enough to share their thoughts on the subject. From Telltale Games, who are responsible the Bone episodic adventures, the company’s CEO, Dan Connors, and designers, Dave Grossman and Heather Logas. From Free Radical Design, who are responsible for the Timesplitters games and one of my most anticipated games at E3, Haze, Project Creative Director, Derek Littlewood, and Screenwriter, Rob Yescombe. Last but not least, Jordan Blackman who is a Producer with Novalogic

The Mystery of Mobile

May 07, 2006: The mobile game market has the largest potential audience in the world -- anyone who owns a cell phone -- yet the market is struggling. In this week's article, Ronald Diemicke outlines some of the perils and pitfalls of making a mobile game, with some of the safer steps to take along the way.

Something about Interactive Fiction

Apr 24, 2006: For thirty years, gamers have enjoyed playing Interactive Fiction games. Sometimes called text adventures, Interactive Fiction games are commonly thought to have peaked during the commercial era of the 1980s, but the Interactive Fiction tradition continues strongly today. The following article traces the history of Interactive Fiction, albeit from an American perspective. Interactive Fiction notables are discussed (and occasionally interviewed) and contemporary literature is cited.

Outfitting the Future

Apr 14, 2006: Next-generation game development is on everyone’s mind with the Xbox 360 having launched six months ago and Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Revolution looming on the horizon this winter. But the people who eat, breathe, and sleep it are those actually on the frontlines developing. Adrian Crook is the producer of Relic’s first Xbox 360 title (and their first console title) called ‘The Outfit’. He was kind enough to give a little perspective on both ‘The Outfit’ and next-generation game development..

The World of Asian RPGs

Mar 26, 2006: "Console RPGs", "Japanese RPGs", "Asian RPGs" - all these names refer to a sub-genre of role-playing games which differs stylistically and gameplay-wise from its Western counterpart. Historically, Asian RPG emerged from the Western one, but over the time managed to liberate itself from the Western prototype to a great extent. Today, playing a Western and an Asian RPG feels like two completely different kinds of experience. Fans of Western RPGs may strongly dislike Asian ones, and vice-versa. Asian-style RPG is easily identifiable even if it was not developed by an Asian company: an example for this is Anachronox.

10 Reasons to buy a Nintendo Revolution

Mar 01, 2006: If you don’t already know, the video game market is a cut-throat business. No longer are video games about the innovation and excitement of getting your first Nintendo system for Christmas, but the money and the graphics. More and more money has been put into the gaming industry over the past 25 years than almost every other entertainment genre.

But I am not writing this to rant about the fundamental flaws of the video game industry these days. That’s a whole other can of worms. But unless you’ve been living under a rock listening to Cher on full blast while trying to memorize Pi to the thousandth decimal (or just don’t indulge yourself with video games enough), you’ve obviously heard of the Nintendo Revolution, the Microsoft Xbox 360, and the Sony Playstation 3. And if you haven’t heard already, the Playstation 3 is going to cost $465.00 (USD).