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What's happening to adventure games?

Aug 20, 2001: Ask any die-hard PC gamer what an "adventure" game is, and the first answer you'll get is probably one of the traditional "Quest" games like King's Quest, or a non-Sierra equal like The Secret of Monkey Island. But ask anyone today what new "adventure" games are out on the market and you'll probably get some blank stares. In this article, MobyGames user Unicorn takes a look at the history of the traditional "adventure" game and where it might be headed.

Game Boy: Pocket History

Jul 27, 2001: Many die-hard PC gamers know about Nintendo's handheld dominator Game Boy, but little else. MobyGames contributor Mark Isaacson, a longtime PC gamer himself, aims to rectify this situation with a handy reference of the Game Boy's history. For example: Did you know Game Boy started life as a watch?

Is PC gaming dead?

Jul 13, 2001: With the release of the PlayStation 2 last year and the impending release of two new 3rd-generation consoles, the viability of PC gaming is routinely questioned. Is PC gaming dead? MobyGames user Shawn McDonie gives us his thoughts on the issue.

Macrocom: Revolutionaries of Form and Function

May 14, 2001: If we told you that a PC game existed in 1984 that was based on Wagner's Reingold opera (Norse mythology), was a real-time action game that ran at 60 frames per second, and displayed 16-color graphics on a 4-color CGA card, you'd think we were lying. Guest what: We're not. ICON: Quest for the Ring really did exist, and we tracked down the developers for this feature-length interview.

Blitz Games: Then and Now

Mar 22, 2001: What does Blitz Games, twin brothers, and a rolling fuzzball have to do with each other? They're all related in this retrospective of the Oliver twin's game development company, Blitz Games -- and yes, they're responsible for the Dizzy series of games. MobyGames contributor David Isaacson asks them about the past, present, and future of Blitz in this interview, including some titles that, sadly, never made it to store shelves.

An Interview with Rob Elam

Jan 10, 2001: The success of One Must Fall 2097 wasn't accidental; it was the brainchild of Rob Elam, who wanted to do a fighting game and do it well. Fans clamoring for a sequel to OMF for the last 7 years will finally get what's coming to them, as Rob has been busy creating the sequel. In this article, longtime MobyGames contributor Tomer Gabel interviews Rob and finds out how the first was developed, and what we can expect from the second.

Abandonware In A Nutshell: Why Nobody Wins

Mar 17, 2000: If you've ever turned to the web to try to find an old game from your youth, you've probably found a copy of it provided by a website distributing what it calls "abandonware". What is Abandonware? Isn't copying software illegal? Is anyone taking notice? In this feature article, Jim Leonard takes a look at this 3-year-old phenominon, examines both sides of the legal issues involved, and corrects some common misconceptions.

Wasteland: A Landmark of RPG Innovations

Feb 01, 2000: Wasteland is widely recognized as one of the best games in the history of computer role-playing gaming. More than a decade after its release, people still play it, sometimes repeatedly. Fan sites are abound, a webring exists to coordinate them, fan fiction is still being written... there's even a Wasteland-style MUD you can join. So why was Wasteland so innovative for its time, and why is it regarded so highly by old-school hardcore gamers? In our second Feature, MobyGames' co-founder Jim Leonard takes you on a journey inside the wasteland, and shows you what makes it tick.

Ten of the Best Games You've Never Played

Nov 11, 1999: The computer gaming industry seems to be constantly bombarding gamers with a flow of new "blockbusters" which all seem unsettlingly similar to the "blockbusters" that came before them, and games that would still have been considered relatively new ten years ago are already gathering dust in bargain bins everywhere. This month, MobyGames contributor Jason Artman takes a look at some of the games that might have made that bargain bin cut a little early.